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Dreams - Signs - Symbols

With Kaya in a metaphysical reality (English version)

A mountain made of precious stones. Hiding the utensils in my villa in India. A cow chasing a boy.

Dream #1 : With Kaya in a metaphysical reality

With Kaya in a Metaphysical Reality to learn about my energy - Understanding your dreams - Kaya

Share: I received the dream that clearly explained what Kaya meant about my energy in the retreat, how can I thank the dream world enough, my clear mirrors 🙂

Dream: It was a beautiful place. It seemed like evening. Kaya (my inner Kaya who wants to teach me to recognize my subtle energies so that I don't repeat the mistakes of my past lives), Justin (husband) (my support and reflection of my actions who is kind, gentle, honest and willing to transform) and I (also a reflection of my inner couple who I currently feel are closer to each other, more respectful and in harmony) were on top of a mountain with a group of people.

We were all going down to the valley. It felt like we were together in a retreat. From the ground of the mountain emanated beautiful white structures of light and the mountain was made of precious stones. It was really a beautiful energy.

Justin and I were hand in hand carefully going down step by step while Kaya and everyone else was coming too, then we got to the bottom and it was time for everyone to relax and do what they wanted, everything looks okay in the scene above, but as soon as I get to the bottom, my mind connects to the energy of the action world and starts to bring in the thoughts related to the abuse of spiritual power in past lives through the Sadguru symbol.

I sat in a place and looked around, I thought in my mind that this place is so sacred and I am glad that it is not an ashram like Sadguru's etc. I saw with the power of my thought a big statue start to manifest like in Sadguru's reality ashram. I saw with the power of my thought a big statue start to manifest like in Sadguru reality ashram. They have a very big statue of Shiva in the ashram.
I immediately wanted it to stop and it did, disappeared and everything was beautiful again.

Dream #2: My insecurities in the way I move forward

My Insecurities in my advancement - Understanding your dreams - Kaya

Dream: Part 1 - I am in my other villa in India and me and my mom are collecting dishes and utensils to take back to another city in India. I see myself picking up colored plastic glasses and I see steel utensils in my mother's hand. We both tell each other to hide them so that John won't see them. Otherwise, he won't let us take them. I also see my husband in the dream.

Part 2 - I am with my friend and we are traveling by car to Haridwar. There is a thick fog in front of us and we can't see. We reach a place and I see many women in an open space. The place is airy and beautiful. I see myself wearing blue sneakers and everyone says they are perfect for this place, but I wonder where they came from. Some women praise my hair color and I am happy and smiling but my eyes are closed.

In another scene, I see my own brother and my older brother buying things for me in a store. My own brother gives me a bottle of cold Cola drink. I leave there in a three-tired rickshaw. The rickshaw driver seemed to be a Muslim because he stopped at a mosque to pray. It was the night. I see him crawling on his head with his hands on his head, I wonder if it is so close that he can do it. I see figures of gods in green color. There is a cow and he throws some meat at it. The cow eats it. The door of the mosque closes. Then I see a young boy and a cow tied with ropes. The boy runs and the cow scares him as if it was going to eat him. The boy runs to the other side but can't go far because he is tied up. I see a goat tied up too but it is eaten by the cow, I only see the goat's skeleton.


A mountain made of precious stones. Hiding the utensils in my villa in India. A cow chasing a boy.

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Theme: Dreams, Signs, Symbols
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With Kaya in a metaphysical reality (English version)

A mountain made of precious stones. Hiding the utensils of my villa in India. A cow [...]



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