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Visiting the soul of my child

Receiving a call from her daughter in a dream. Entering a dark and unknown space. And a looping rescue.


Dream Interpretation

Dream #1 : Visiting my child's soul

Visiting my child's soul - Understanding your dreams - Kaya

Share: Here's a little dream I had when I was with my wife for a romantic weekend. Our older children (who are now young adults) had given us a two-day stay, and had taken care of Joyce, the youngest, for part of the day. We left on Friday and on Saturday morning I woke up with this dream. We were in moments of relaxation as a couple, and total trust in our elders taking care of Joyce. So, personally, I was more serene and detached perhaps than usual, which allowed me - perhaps - to connect with Joyce.

Dream: I get a call from Joyce. She is not very well, I feel her sad, but she doesn't say it right away. I ask her, and she confirms that she is not doing well. I tell her ok and we try to talk about it.

Share: When we returned from this stay, Joyce seemed fine, she didn't tell me about this form of sadness, but she wasn't as radiant as usual. The call in the dream can show a soul to soul connection. We also received a picture of Joyce from our son (who is a young adult), but it wasn't very pretty; Joyce seemed to be wincing/screaming, as if she was in pain, so I made a connection to my feeling from the dream. So I tried to confirm the dream information in concrete terms. I also wondered if it was possible to visit Joyce's soul? To be detached and open enough for her to call me? Can one be visited in a dream by someone without consciously knowing it? And conversely, can you visit someone's soul without knowing it consciously? What makes this possible if the person visiting does not have the intention to visit the other? Is the program, the intention stronger? It would be really interesting to have explanations about this.

Dream #2: Lost in the Dark

Lost in the dark - Understanding your dreams - Kaya

Share: I had this dream last month when I was going through a difficult time in my life due to health problems, a failed and rejected career plan, and financial instability and difficulties with my family. I have been in a depression for the past few months. I have feelings of hopelessness, loss of hope for the future, fear of failure. I have had the feeling that I no longer want to live. Many inner fears, insecurities, worries have surfaced in my memories.

Dream: In my dream, I am in a place, and it is dark as night. I see my sister and a little girl go into a dark and dangerous place. I go there to find them, to save them, to protect them. I am accompanied by an old woman whom I call grandmother (not my grandmother in my real life).

I enter this dark and unknown space with the old woman and I look for my sister and the girl. I feel uncomfortable in this place. I find them and bring them back. Then I see them again (like a loop in a dream). I must enter this space to find them and save them again. I find them and bring them back.

And then a third time, I go inside to find them. I'm afraid because I can't find them. The old woman is with me and I call her grandmother. I look around for my sister and the girl. But I can't find them, and I know they might be lost. I am worried, afraid.

Share: And at that moment, I wake up from my dream. It was an intense experience for me. I closed my eyes and tried to go back into the dream to save my sister, but I could not connect to the dream anymore.

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Visiting the soul of my child

Receiving a call from her daughter in a dream. Entering a dark and unknown space. And a looping rescue.