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Dreams - Signs - Symbols

A fire too intense (English version)

The death penalty. The writer. And the bat flight.

Dream #1: A fire too intense

A too intense fire - Decode your dreams - Kaya

Dream: I am sentenced to death. Huge crowd. Everyone is fine. I get off a wooden ladder. All the preparations are underway to burn me. The pandit (priest) prepares my pyre so that I can be laid down and burned while I wait on the side.

There is a huge crowd gathered. When I realize that the pandit has almost completed all the formalities and I am about to be placed on the pyre, I start crying inconsolably while looking at my wife. She is crying too. I tell her I'm sorry. I also look for my mother to say sorry, but she is busy with a ritual.

Manita told me that she would make sure to do all the things after I was cremated. My brother was to take care of the post-cremation formalities. I took off a watch that was left on my wrist. I am crying and my wife is crying as she waits to be cremated.

Share: A pandit (Sanskrit) is a Brahmin scholar or teacher of any field of knowledge in Hinduism.

Dream #2: The writer

The writer - Decode your dreams - Kaya

Dream: I know nothing in this life. In another period, I see a man and I am right next to him. He is a writer and uses strange techniques that I don't understand. He is transported somewhere with the old typewriter that I used as a child. Then two warriors are there. From behind, one of them puts a sword on the other's neck.

Share: In the concrete reality, I am stuck, an unsatisfied writer with a degree in journalism but I have not worked in my profession for many years.

Dream #3 : Magical and psychic powers... Keeping lucidity

Magic and psychic powers... Keep your lucidity - Decode your dreams - Kaya

Dream: In this dream I had an appointment with my father and my aunt. I came to get her. I came down from the moon as a bat. In this dream I liked to use magic to become a bat and fly around. I told my aunt that I was a psychic and that I used magic. I felt that she was afraid. My father and aunt tried to stop me. They did not like spirituality. Suddenly, my mind thinks about cosmic justice, and that this is the absolute supreme goal and meaning of my life.

I turned into a bat and flew into space, into the universe. I was in a spaceship. I was the captain of this warship, our warship, and I had come to give a hug to my teammates. We were warriors charged with protecting space justice in the underground. We wore black battle suits and used weapons, and magic. And in our souls, the universe is the absolute team - justice is absolute - love is absolute.


The death penalty. The writer. And the bat flight.

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A fire too intense (English version)

The death penalty. The writer. And the flight of bats. [...]



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