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Dreams - Signs - Symbols

Needs and illusions (English version)

A difficult decision. A chocolate bar. And adult clothes at the cabaret.

Dream #1: Needs and illusions


Share: In the same night I receive these dreams:

Dream 1: I see that a young man can try to manipulate and want things for himself first.

Dream 2: I see my wife's parents (not the real ones) who are bedridden and as if intubated, sick, losing their muscles (myopathy?).

We wonder if we should disconnect them (from medical assistance, but at the same time there is no real hospital assistance, just a pipe, not in the hospital). They are in the middle of a case, in a square hole in the middle...

Some people are around, I am sad and cry that I will not be able to know them anymore, or that I will lose them... Then I see the father moving and still have the strength to sit. I go to see them... They are not dead yet...

Dream 3: I walk into a mall and see myself grabbing a candy bar as soon as I enter the store.

Dream #2 : The cabaret


Dream: A person comes to ring the office (at home as for a consultation, I work from home) but they come to see a different therapist than me.

So I direct it to the next door, on the same floor. Instead of being an apartment (as in the real world) it is the entrance to a stone building, which reminds me of a Harry Potter set.

I have trouble reading the room number but I try to read to guide the patient correctly. Then he enters and I see at this point that it is actually a place that makes cabaret costumes for children.

The clothes were like for the adults but here in child size; very short black clothes and underwear too intimate, or too adult at the same time.


A difficult decision. A chocolate bar. And adult clothes at the cabaret.

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Theme: Dreams, Signs, Symbols
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Needs and illusions (English version)

A difficult decision. A chocolate bar. And adult clothes at the cabaret. [...]



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