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Dreams - Signs - Symbols

The sleeping child (English version)

Losing clear liquid. I jump from peak to peak. Walls of metallic gold.

Dream #1: The sleeping child

Sleeping child - Understanding your dreams -Kaya

Dream: I dreamed that I was in a beautiful white house with many rooms. I remembered seeing a beautiful red flower on one of the walls. It was a real flower, something you see in the tropics. Both my parents were also in this house (by the way, both my parents are deceased). I am worried about her because she seems to be sick but I am not sure what is wrong, there is a clear liquid coming out of her with just a hint of blue color. It's mostly clear; the hint of blue is very light...
I have a cleaning lady who comes to tell me that I have guests. When I get to the living room, it's my cousin, she's accompanied by another woman I don't know. I'm suddenly glad she's here because she's a nurse and I want her to take a look at the child and tell me if she's okay. When she enters the room where the child is, she tells me that there is nothing to worry about, that I just need to put a diaper on her. I was relieved, but surprised by her suggestion, because this child is at least 7 years old and a diaper would be too small for her.
Then I leave the house and carry someone. Both my parents wave to me from the front door as I leave with this person I am carrying. Outside, it's a beautiful sunny day. There is a smooth cement path in the middle that I walk on, there is bright green grass on either side of this cement path. Suddenly, I notice that the path is broken. What I see are many peaks and valleys. The earth is dark brown. The valleys were very deep and looked dangerous if I were to fall, but I didn't seem to worry about falling. I just jumped from peak to peak until I reached the other side. I was amazed in the dream while I was doing this and I couldn't believe how strong I was.
It looked as vast as the Grand Canyon, the only difference being that the peaks were more like mountains with very narrow ends that I barely had room to land on every time I jumped. All of this was underground, which is why I was able to jump from peak to peak, right from the path I was on, it was just suddenly broken up and that's all I could see until I got to the other side. It's all under my feet, which is why I'm able to jump from peak to peak. But it's so vast. I'm surprised when I get there and I'm very surprised at how much I'm able to jump from peak to peak carrying someone.
I can't believe I'm able to do it so easily.
When you get to the other side, the cement path is smooth again. There is a light wooden fence around the house. When I get to the door, I notice that it is short at the bottom, which gives me a little view to the other side. At first I go through this gate, but I hear people talking, so I stop to listen.
I can only see their feet; they wear sandals and talk in a way that makes me uncomfortable, they say not very nice things, gossip, so I don't open that door.
I notice that if I move my hand a little bit, there is another door and I can see underneath this door too, the path is clear, there is nobody on the other side and it looks peaceful. So I go out this door. That was the whole dream.

Dream #2: The golden metal walls

The metallic golden walls - Understanding your dreams - Kaya

Dream: I am in a beautiful place with many rooms and many levels.
The site walls look like metallic gold and they shine, there are no windows, it is very opulent.
Every room I go into is prettier than the last. I am very happy and surprised by all this beauty and opulence; as I look around, I am amazed and feel very joyful. My parents are also present in this dream; my father seems to be the one who shows me around. I also notice that there are several levels in this place. I walk down the stairs wondering if there is a waterfall on the lower level. I like the sound of the water and can almost hear it, but before I get there, I wake up.

Sharing: I had these dreams two weeks apart. What surprised me was that my parents were in it, they both passed away. In real life, I am a single parent.
I raised my daughter or my cousin. Originally, I think it was my cousin but maybe I convinced myself that it had to be my daughter because she is who I am with and I have come a long and difficult way. I have been training these past few months to move in a new direction that offers unlimited potential, which is a path I have always wanted to be on. I have many spiritual gifts that I am learning to be comfortable with and refine. One day I would like to write a book and share all that I have learned.
Thank you for your time and help, I really appreciate it.


Losing clear liquid. I jump from peak to peak. Walls of metallic gold.

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The sleeping child (English version)

Losing clear liquid. I jump from peak to peak. Walls of metallic gold. [...]



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