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The snake in the forest (English version)

A snake without a tail. Aggressive monkeys killed by poison gas. And a sniper.


Dream Interpretation

Dream #1 : The snake in the forest

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Dream: I had a long dream in the second half of the night. I was walking through a forest with many tall brown trees. The forest was not dense, it was more like a part of a forest in a clearing, around 3pm-5pm on a sunny afternoon, lots of sunlight through the tall trees. Everything was a light brown color.

Then I saw a large snake, as big as a branch of a large tree, appear in a tree and climb up a branch to plunge its head into what I think was a small hole in a tree to catch prey. Then it looked at me rather calmly but a little in the face, then turned its head and walked up the branch to disappear. I didn't see the whole length of the snake, only about 2/3 of its length. So the snake didn't have a tail for me, which triggered my surprise.

The whole time I was not afraid of the snake catching prey or looking at me, I was rather surprised by the body of the snake. Then I remembered that I kept walking through the forest, turning left onto a greener path with more bushes that I remembered must lead to my house in the dream.

Then I saw a very large tree branch without leaves, just a huge branch like a tree arm, then I saw a long triangular pipe, made of thinly stretched white gauze where you can see clearly through, one corner of the triangle hung down and covered the tree branch and the flat bottom of the triangle where the snake rested.

In the pipe, I saw the snake lying straight, then I saw so many monkeys jumping outside and inside the long triangular pipe, then the snake turned around and shook its body because it was injured by the bites and scratches of the monkeys.

After a while all the monkeys entered the triangle, then the snake turned its head and moved from the beginning to the end of the triangular pipe with its mouth wide open and belched gas that killed all the monkeys like frying frogs. The snake looked back at me as its head reached the end of the pipe. I witnessed this and walked quickly to what I remembered as my home.

Then I thought of my wife, whose face did not appear in the dream, and I told her what I had seen, shaking a little. And I thought of my son, whose face did not appear in the dream, and I thought of the risk that he lives in the same place as such a big snake. Then I remembered that I was a little scared and in a hurry like "if I don't kill you, then you will kill me". Then I vaguely remembered a woman, no face or picture or anything, who I couldn't identify, but she advised or indicated to use a sniper.

Then the next scene, I saw through my hiding place, past those big leafy bushes, the snake was hit several times by the bullets of a sniper whose face I could not see or identify. It was hit and then turned away into the tree branch and then was hit again several times, curled its body and raised its head and was killed. He didn't see me or move in my direction the whole time. I didn't see any bullets or blood, but I did see the snake curl up its body several times from the bullets before it disappeared.

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The snake in the forest (English version)

A snake without a tail. Aggressive monkeys killed by poison gas. And a sniper.