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Dreams - Signs - Symbols

The art of words (English version)

The poem that turns into music. I let myself die. A potion that turns into half spider, half human.

Dream #1 : The art of words

The art of words - Understanding your dreams - Kaya

Dream: I was sitting next to a white table. There were 4 people in this big room. Next to the main hallway, Thuan (a gay man who complains a lot) asks everyone (standing in front of me) to do something and asks me to guide them. He also says he is sure I cannot guide them. In my hand, there is a notebook and a poem inside. Suddenly, as I read the poem, I turn it into music. The others think it's a strange and good song. Thuan changes his mind. I ask someone else to teach me how to write the framework of a song. I am happy too because I didn't think I had the ability to compose.

Dream #2: The experience of death

Experiencing death - Understanding your dreams - Kaya

Dream: I am in a classroom learning. A spiritual master is teaching and I raise my hand to say something. The teacher points at me as I begin to speak. My voice begins to echo. It is as if there is another voice speaking and it is very clear. Then I gradually collapse. Someone behind me is holding my head, and as I lie down and see the darkness, I understand that I am dying, that I am remembering God and I feel very peaceful. Suddenly I see a soft silver light. Then I see my parents. They review my life and my father is not happy with me. My sister is also upset. When someone asks my sister what to do with my body, she says "bury it," and I think "no one will cremate my body so it can go back to the five elements."

Dream #3: The transgender

The transgender - Understanding your dreams - Kaya

Share: I asked God if I should drive a scooter to get around (especially to and from my school)? Here is the dream I received...

Dream: I am on a road, I took the bus and the car. I arrive at a place. It is dark. I am in a room with my brother Simon, a woman and a man. I had given my hair clippers to this man to fix (I feel like I have been here before). He pushes the due date back again and again. This time I get a little emotional and tell him that I had to change buses and cars to get here. I also tell him that I'm new to the city (it's like the lawnmower is a scooter and I'm having trouble getting around because of its absence). The man and woman are friendly. The man leaves here and comes back a little later with my hair clippers and gives them to me.

It's morning. I am in my house in Puri, in my sister's (Sophia's) room with Simon and some people (I don't remember who). A transsexual (foreigner) is standing there, naked. Someone had given her a blue potion in a cylindrical capsule that would turn her into a half spider, half human. An image of this potion flashed. I thought, "Can't she be cured?" I asked aloud, "Why do transgender people die at the age of 20-22?" A doctor tells me it's a genetic disease and they die from infection. I say, "Then we can cure them of the infection," the doctor replies that the infection is present at birth and slowly it increases "(I saw everything, as if I was in the body. I could see the infection and the cells). The transsexual injects half of the serum. She puts spiders in the other half of the potion and drinks it. She runs away (Simon had headphones on while this was going on and was not at all worried). I am back in Madurai (i.e., as I was at the beginning of the dream... This is also where I live in concrete reality), it is morning. My other sister, Nancy, introduces me to her (unknown) friend. We go to their house. I am in the house of my sister's friend. I talk on the phone with François. I explain to him the transgender incident. Then I say goodbye to him and I keep the phone. As I say goodbye, I feel that François wants to talk more.

Share: Question - what is the difference between a different scene and a different dream?
I woke up after the first scene of this dream and when I went back to sleep after 5 minutes, I saw the rest of the dream.



The poem that turns into music. I let myself die. A potion that turns into half spider, half human.

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The art of words (English version)

The poem that turns into music. I let myself die. A potion that transforms [...]



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