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Dreams - Signs - Symbols

The cave and the waterfall (English version)

A white-haired woman in a cave with a waterfall. I have to retake my math test. I lost my left black shoe on my way back from the party.

Dream #1 : The cave and the waterfall

The cave - Decode your dreams - Kaya

Dream: I see an open cave with a waterfall on the other side. I enter the cave and walk towards the waterfall. There is a white-haired woman sitting quietly at the edge. She looks at me and asks me if the water is not beautiful. I answer that it is. We sit down and talk. I tell her that I used to be afraid of water when I was young, and now I feel peaceful and free when I am in the water.

We both go to dip our feet in the water. The woman says that this place reminds her of Mount Kailash in Tibet. I tell her that I have been there twice and that it is beautiful. She looks me in the eyes and says that the next time I go there, she can come with me. Beyond the waterfall, there are a few stone steps down into a pool of water called the Mother's Pond and considered sacred. To get there, you have to swim to the deep end.

Since I can't swim, the woman takes my hand and leads me to the other side. We go down the stone steps and enter the water. Then I see two horses galloping and then some dogs walking in line.

Dream #2: Failures in mathematics

Failed in mathematics - Decode your dreams - Kaya

Dream: I failed the math subject in 12th standard. I received 27 points (Angel 27 - Yerathel confidence and eeo and overconfidence) so I have to repeat the exam. I am selected for a new job in the concrete reality and that the same reference is taken in my dream. I was worried whether I would be accepted or not in this job, but I was relieved because the overall result was positive. So I'm going to celebrate at a party. I'm coming back by train. I'm not in my right mind because I've had too much alcohol. When I get back, I realize that I don't have my left black shoe. I lost it on the way or at the party. At home I tell my mom (+ very caring, understanding of me and my brother, - emotional dependencies, victim attitude.

She is unwilling to work on herself and learn from her experiences and problems in her married life and has a vindictive attitude towards my father) that I failed math. She said, I knew it. I said, there may be a problem joining a new job. She said, that's a bigger problem. So I'm thinking and I realize that I've already passed the 12th standard. I have my score sheet as proof. So what's the point of this exam/score? Then, somewhere along the line, I realized that this was a certification exam that was not required and was an additional qualification for my apprenticeship. On the phone, I told my friend IRSS (+ compassionate, understanding, applies divine laws in her life, good student. - Need for affection/lack of love. Needs appreciation. attention needs and superiority complex) that I failed. She said it was so weird that everything was so similar between us and added, "I've been failing in my career lately too." Thank you to the team for this opportunity to allow everyone to share their dreams and seek advice.


A white-haired woman in a cave with a waterfall. I have to retake my math test. I lost my left black shoe on my way back from the party.

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Theme: Dreams, Signs, Symbols
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The cave and the waterfall (English version)

A white-haired woman in a cave with a waterfall. I have to redo [...]



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