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Dreams - Signs - Symbols

The weak lady (English version)

Difficulty cleaning up. Eating in the classroom. Educational institute for higher studies.

Dream #1: The weak lady

The weak lady - Understanding your dreams - Kaya

Dream: I am in a hospital to visit a lady who is having difficulties with her sexual part. She has become very very weak, and dark. She is worried about her children. I went to see her with Tom. He waited outside the door while I went in to see her. Two other women were taking care of her. She had so much white discharge in her vagina. It was hard for her.

I feel very bad for her. When I saw her, she reminded me of the weak and powerless Lord Voldemort from the Harry Potter series, when Harry falls into a coma and goes to heaven. There he meets Dumbledore and Dumbledore shows him the vulnerable part of Voldemort. She was lying down, facing his left side, and was naked. Since there was a lot of spillage, they had to clean her often. Part of her buttocks was visible through the sheet that covered her body. When she saw me come in, she tried to put the sheet over her buttocks. But because she was weak, she couldn't. The other lady helped her.

Dream #2 : Improving my inner education institute

Improvement of my inner education institute - Understanding your dreams - Kaya

Dream: Scenes I remember from a dream - I saw myself buying a brown coconut and asking to wrap the white fruit inside.

Next scene: I was in a classroom that was not well lit. I sat in the front and ate while the teacher was in the classroom. A few students were chatting with each other. The class was probably about to start. I went, along with a few family members (I didn't see any particular person, which means I'm probably visiting unconscious memories related to my inner education, learning, sharing, and self-development), to a college built by my unknown father (source of origin of this life, my male polarity). We explored the college to analyze cleaning and improvements. It seemed that it was closed for a while. It was an educational institute for higher studies (master's degree).

After a while, some students came in. An unknown mother (source of the origin of this life, my inner world) and I were checking the food items, including chocolates, kept in a canteen. We separated those that were not fit to eat and those that could be eaten. My father came in. With the students, we were discussing how we could improve the educational system of the institute in terms of quality of teaching and infrastructure. A gentleman came in to take the class. The person concerned had not informed him that the course would not be held that day. We invited him to join us. I told my father that if necessary, I could check the answer sheets for advertising and public relations (since I had done my master's degree on the subject). I even thought about telling him that I could do it for the management subjects as well. But I didn't tell her. An unknown woman wanted to complain about the institute. She was fat to a certain percentage. Then I saw someone make her touch an open electrical wire and she got small. Nothing else happened to her.


Difficulty cleaning up. Eating in the classroom. Educational institute for higher studies.

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The weak lady (English version)

Difficulty cleaning up. Eating in the classroom. Educational institute for higher studies. [...]



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