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The Ancient Healer

Not a very fair healing practice and questions around adoption.


Dream Interpretation

Dream#1: The ancient healer

Dream: I am an ancient healer and it is evening time on the terrace of an old house.
I see another man's skull opens up from the top and my tongue extends and wraps around the brain of the man.

My soul shifts to this man's body and my own body gets old and dies on the spot.

I do this in the dream to continue my healing service to humanity that I feel, in the dream, must continue to justify what I have been doing from the past 1000s of years.

Feeling in the dream:
I, as an observer in the dream as well, was understanding clearly that I am not right here whatever I am doing.

Dream#2: At the adoption center

Dream: I see that I am at an adoption center with my parents and my wife. It is not well kept and hygienic, had poop lying on the floor.

However, we saw an adorable, angelic little girl (she was not an infant). She was smiling.
When I saw her my heart just melted. The manager of the adoption center showed us the terms and conditions for adoption.

One of the conditions said that the child was to be converted to a Christian and should be taught Christianity as it was a missionary adoption center.

My wife said that we shall adopt her. I looked at the luminous face of the kid and with a very heavy heart said no Emma (my wife), this might not be right.

While raising her along with our daughters in any moment of anger or frustration or negative energy, if she gets to know somehow that she is our adopted child (and not natural) then her life will be devastated, how will we handle that.

I started crying while saying this as I was really feeling very bad with my own point of thought. Emma was also sad but she was quiet as if like going in a cocoon.

Then we decided to call a friend to take guidance. I explained the scenario to her.

She asked me to hold for a moment as she was with someone else. She came back online and said "I am not sure about this particular child, but in general it is a very good idea to adopt as it will help in bringing a child on the path of knowledge"

Scene changes: I am explaining to my brother about adoption as he and his wife are wanting to have a kid (In concrete reality also they are trying for a child but it’s not happening, they had a miscarriage a year ago. Since then they have not been able to conceive).

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The Ancient Healer

Not a very fair healing practice and questions around adoption.