37 Aniel


  • Breaks old patterns
  • Helps us understand the cycles of life and evolution
  • Study of History, of causes and consequences
  • Understands the Law of karma, the fact that we attract who we are and that we reap what we sow
  • Change of mentality, new ideas
  • Develops an independent will
  • Helps cleanse, purify negative memories related to sexuality, emotional dependency and all kinds of addiction
  • Mastery when faced with intense intellectual and emotional impulses
  • Spiritual autonomy
  • Liberates us from negative forces and emotions
  • Bearer of new sciences and new conceptions of the Universe
  • Encourages novelty

Human Distortions

  • Difficulty, refusal or fear of change
  • Tendency to live in past memories
  • Materialistic philosophy, excessive worldly mentality
  • Does not understand or ignores the Law of karma, the fact that we reap what we sow
  • Resistance to new currents
  • Attachment to former structures, to what is old
  • Subjection to matter
  • Goes round in circles rehashing the same thoughts
  • Relentless struggle to maintain the status quo
  • Charlatan, perverted, misleading mind and spirit
  • Fierce, unshakable traditionalist
  • All kinds of addiction
  • Talks about what one does not know


  • Change (in general)
  • Dependencies
  • Detachment
Calendar - Physical:
September 24 to September 28
Calendar - Intellectual:
12:00 to 12:19
Calendar - Emotional:
February 13 00:00 to 23:59
April 27 00:00 to 23:59
July 11 00:00 to July 12 23:59
September 24 00:00 to September 25 23:59
December 05 00:00 to 23:59