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Angel 69 Rochel

"I'm getting back to what's essential: the development of qualities."

Rochel is the Angel of Restitution. He helps us find lost or stolen objects, ideas or feelings, and helps us learn to give and receive in our exchanges with others in a healthy and balanced way. He helps us to regain lost potential.


Qualities we can develop by doing the mantra with this Angel.

  • Restitution, grants each what is due to him
  • Finds lost or stolen objects, feelings and thoughts
  • Succession, inheritance
  • Notary, magistrate
  • Intuition
  • Study of Laws and Justice
  • Study of History
  • Universal Archives and Library (Daath)
  • Practical and theoretical sciences
  • Ability to give and receive with ease
  • Administration, accounting, secretarial work
  • Rediscovers the Divine Self, Original Androgyny
  • Cleans karmic contents, transforms karmas


Human distortions, weaknesses that can be transformed with this Angel.

  • Appropriates what does not belong to us
  • Jealousy, possessiveness, selfishness
  • Couple relationships based exclusively on sexuality and matter
  • Sexual abuse, promiscuity and multiple relationships
  • Family problems
  • Difficulties related to succession, inheritance and the work of notaries, magistrates
  • Problems related to administration, resource management, accounting and secretarial work
  • Too pragmatic, too focused on the practical aspect
  • Problems with giving and receiving
  • Usurpation of property, theft, trickery
  • Existential fear, insecurity
  • Vampirises, takes energy from others
  • Manipulation of historical facts
  • Megalomania
  • Legal problems, blatant injustice, never-ending trials
  • Ruin
  • Lack of receptivity or emissivity


Dynamics and situations related to this Angel.

  • Inheritance
  • Items (lost)
  • Forgetfulness, oversight
  • Restitution
  • Returning to one's native country
  • Succession

Angel Calendar

Dates on which the Angel is manifested.

Calendar - Physical

From March 1st to 5th

Calendar - Intellectual

10:40-10:59 pm

Calendar - Emotional

January 05 00:00 - 23:59
March 17 00:00 - 23:59
May 30 00:00 - 23:59
August 13 00:00 - 23:59
October 26 00:00 - 23:59

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You can repeat the mantra in any way that suits you, taking into account your environment. It is a simple exercise that can be practiced in any situation: while walking, while doing sports or housework, while meditating, before falling asleep or waking up, while concentrating on a question; in difficult moments as well as in moments of happiness.
The main thing is the intention that you put into your practice, to remember to respect your own rhythm and to repeat it with a sense of the sacred...

Anything is possible of course, but depending on the environment you are in, it may be better to do it internally, in your mind.
The most important part of the mantra process is the intention that you put into your practice.

You can do the mantra for as long as you like.
The main thing is the intention that you put into your practice.

No, the main thing is the intention that you put into your practice. : )

A mantra focuses your attention and your unconscious on the intention in which you practice it. Therefore, practicing a mantra will help reprogram your memories, trigger dreams and signs, and create profound changes on all levels...

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Angel 69 Rochel

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