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interactive seminars on internet on the interpretation of dreams-signs-symbols with Kaya

Twice a month at 8:30 am (New York) - 1:30 pm (London) - 6:00pm (Mumbai) - 7:30pm (Hanoi). You can attend a webinar just once, or from time to time, or sign up for a quarterly, 6-monthly, or full season subscription, as you so wish. 

Meet Kaya directly on the internet and through 'chat' you can speak to him during his webinars: you can ask questions, ask for dream, sign and symbol interpretations live...a unique opportunity in this world to learn about dreams and symbols..share or simply listen, anonymously and simultaneously with people from several countries.

N.B. For interpretation by Kaya during the webinar, participants can send their dreams to the following address:


Learn How To Interpret Dreams & Symbols - Course on UDEMY by Kaya

For complete information and to enroll in the course:

"Did you know that just one dream, well understood, can change a life and a destiny?

This course is presented in a very simple, accessible way by Kaya, one of the most important professor & symbol specialist of dream interpretation.

It's been prepared to raise awareness in students to learn to discern and understand the importance and impact of our dreams in our behaviors, feelings, and way of thinking.

Knowing to interpret dreams creates and accelerates our evolution. In the long term, it gives rise to responsible people who know how to tell the difference between good and evil and how to make decisions consciously, with profound understanding of their life program and that of others. It creates the possibility to travel in our past (memories), in our present time and also open the doors to the probabilities of what we can become. It gives a solid foundation to understand that before being physical, everything is metaphysical.

This course leads students to better understand the memories that are hidden behind fears, behind limitations. This very advanced Dream Introduction Program called Dreams & Symbols, The Source Code, provides accessible tools and knowledge to all students of all ages."