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Your body expresses itself, how do you listen to it?

Your body expresses itself, it speaks to you... But do you know how to listen to it, how to understand it? Do you know its language? Would you like to discover the mysteries it has to reveal to you? Because it does not only speak to you about your physical health, it is much deeper... Your physical health is a consequence, not the cause of what you experience sometimes... Your body has things to tell you to rewrite your life, to create health at all levels in you.

The coded language of the body: symbolism

When I started to study my unconscious, I gradually discovered that there was a coded language, it is the language of the unconscious. I will give you a simple example to help you understand what the coded language is, the symbolic language.

Our unconscious speaks to us

People often say "I like dogs more", "I like cats better". Do you really think it's a coincidence? Not really. When we know the symbolic language, we understand that the person in his unconscious wishes to express and likes the states of consciousness inscribed in a cat, dog, or animal.

If you prefer dogs, then it means that your soul wishes to develop spontaneous love, fidelity, loyalty, natural joy but that you should be careful about emotional dependence. If you prefer cats, then your soul wishes to develop a beautiful autonomy, an independent side, a calm and composed side that knows how to take care of itself, but on the other hand, you should be careful not to be over-independent and put others at a distance.

Understanding the code

You see, behind everything, there is a state of consciousness that is inscribed. And it is the same for the human body. If, for example, we have a liver problem, we have to study and understand what the state of consciousness of the liver is. The liver is used to store energy, to transform and purify certain toxins in the body. The liver also participates in digestion.

So if a problem occurs in the liver, we must see in our daily life, where we may have difficulty to purify the negative, the thoughts, the negative emotions that affect us, whether it is our own thoughts, our own emotions or what those of others awaken in us. It is necessary to study which events, which situations it is difficult to digest, to accept. By meditating on these difficulties, you will be able to transform your daily experiences into wisdom and deep understanding...

Applying knowledge

If you wish to understand your body, learn the coded language of the unconscious and no more secrets will remain... You will know what the body wishes to communicate to you and thus you will be able to improve yourself in an extraordinary way and transform your life thanks to these understandings which exceed all that you could imagine...