Dream interpretation allows us to develop a better self-knowledge of Emotional Intelligence (EQ), to understand the multiple memories that live within us and constantly create our realities. Our unconscious is a huge tank of ideas, emotions, past experiences registered in us which, as memories, prepare, create our personality, our present and our future. Through our dreams, we can understand our life plan, our problems, our happiness, the steps to come or in preparation, positively and negatively.


It is important to understand that when we enter in the study of dreams and symbolic language, our dreams and especially our nightmares are percentages of who we are. Then, when we have an intense nightmare, it doesn’t necessarily mean that we will face a challenge, or that the dream announces a concrete problem (even if it is possible). Sometimes the dream or nightmare only tells us about our emotions, our thoughts, our deep memories or blockages.


The symbolic language that serves to interpret dreams helps us to understand that behind every person, object, situation, there is a state of mind, a state of conscious that represents qualities, virtues or defects and weaknesses. In this perspective, a table will represent a symbol of sharing because we use it to share a meal, a conversation, a work, etc. The table could be the representation of a positive aspect of our ability to share if it is clean, luminous, well-built, etc. or negative if, on the contrary, it is dirty, damaged, broken, etc. What is important in the dream is that everything can be translated in terms of qualities and weaknesses, plus and minus, or a combination of percentages of both. The dream is a living mirror of who we are and represents the possibilities of what we can become.


The Universe/City Mikaël (UCM) Teaching and Research Center is one of the most advanced research centers in the world in the field of Emotional Intelligence, Symbolic Language, Dream Interpretation, Signs & Symbols. Our professors present seminars and conferences on the subject in several countries in America, Europe and Asia. The DSSI Training (Dreams-Signs-Symbols-Interpretation) is given in Europe, America, India and Vietnam, where students from different countries meet. We train Doctors, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Nurses, Therapists, Professors, Business people, etc. UCM also provides online forward thinking courses and programs in the field of Symbolic Language for schools and universities.


The Symbolic Language that we use to interpret dreams and signs (what happens in our life which is significant, indicator or heralding) is based on a very logical language made of symbols that determine states of mind connected with qualities and defects. In this Language, we can find the most fundamental basis of logic and mathematics of consciousness. Everywhere around us and inside of us, there are symbols. Now we can affirm in modern physics that we live in a dimension but others exist simultaneously. Can we say that life is a dream? Why not… Life exists for us to live experiences, to help us to evolve…

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We recommend the International Bestseller & New Reference: Dictionary, The Source Code, Dreams-Signs-Symbols by Kaya, ISBN : 978-2-923654-25-6