Dreams are the greatest help we can receive toward deep self-knowledge. They represent the activation of our life plan, memories of our past, as well as the keys to our present and future path.

what is a dream webinar

Just imagine... you are at home in front of your computer and you can take part in an international seminar with Kaya to learn to better interpret your dreams, signs and symbols. Yes, you have understood correctly...Kaya is there live on the internet, you see him on your screen, you hear him and at the same time it's possible (if you so wish) to ask him questions via chat (by typing on your computer keyboard), to ask for the interpretation of dreams, signs and symbols, or simply to listen to his teachings on dreams through other participants' sharing, questions and remarks. Enroll now...all you need is your computer and an internet connection...you click on the link that you will receive by email once you've enrolled...no software to download..one simple click and you are on line with Kaya and participants from all over the world at the set time and date... A wonderful, unique rendez-vous with Knowledge!

to enroll do i have to follow all the webinars ?

No, you can choose to enroll for one seminar on whatever date suits you or you can choose a variety of  subscriptions (quarterly, 6-monthly or full season). Your subscription starts from the date of your enrollment. (i.e. If you enroll for a quarterly subscription in the middle of the season, you will be enrolled for the following 4 seminars.)

what kind of computer system do i need ?

All systems are compatible: PC, MAC, LINUX, UNIX, SOLARIS. All you need is an internet connection, a set of headphones plugged into your computer or speakers.

what happens once i have enrolled ?

It's very easy. Once your payment has been made and confirmed, you will receive an initial email informing you that you are enrolled for the webinar at such a time on such a date. Then, in the following 72 hours, another email from our webinar message service will issue an invitation and give you instructions about connection and the access link. Then, about 5 days before, you will receive a reminder email, and another 1 day before. Then, at the set time, you simply click on the link in your email and you attend the seminar. It's as simple as that...

how many people can attend a webinar at the same time ?

That's the magic of technology! You can be 10, 20, 100 people or even a maximum 3000 participants at the same time. A personalized global event that includes you!

do i have to ask questions via chat ?

No, not at all. You can simply listen and see Kaya live on line and you can also read other participants' questions on chat; or, you can write your own questions on line, completely anonymously. Hence the most sensitive, personal dreams can easily be shared directly and Kaya will answer your question.

does kaya answer all the questions asked ?

It depends on the number of participants. When there are a lot of participants, he will make a selection. In all events, you will learn a lot either through a direct reply or by listening and seeing Kaya explain and develop many aspects of dreams, signs and symbols. You can even send in your dreams by email a few days before the webinar and Kaya will read them and select a few for interpretation during  the webinar.

the lecturer, kaya, is really on line, in real time, and i can see him and hear him speak on my computer at home, in the office, or even in an internet café, right ?

Yes, exactly. You can be anywhere in the world and follow the webinar. All you need is a computer, an internet connection of 56K or more (56K is the lowest possible connection offered by internet services at present so no need to worry about this, your connection will be fine...) and a set of headphones or your computer's speakers.

And yes, he talks and explains things and you are sitting there in front of your computer screen in the office, in an internet café, in a park in a wifi zone or comfortably at home with a cup of tea if you like, attending a lecture on dream, sign and symbol interpretation. Technology is fantastic, isn't it?! As Kaya and his wife Christiane Muller travel throughout the world lecturing, we organize a place with an internet connection and no matter where in the world he is, at the set time and date, he'll be there live with you, ready to answer your questions throughout the webinar. If there are no questions, he analyzes dreams and symbols for participants from all over the world, and shares examples that will help everyone to deepen their knowledge of this subject. He can even interact using visuals: analyzing film extracts, newspaper articles, etc. just as he does during his international lectures.

how do i enroll for one or more webinars ?

It's really easy. Go to the webpage Calendar and Enrollment. Then, choose your date and you can add either one webinar or a take out a subscription starting on this date. Choose a quarterly subscription and save when you enroll for 4 sessions or more. Follow the instructions by following the link Complete purchase in the shopping cart on the right. You can pay by credit card (Visa/ MasterCard/ American Express via Paypal, our security system for online payments).

where can i submit my request for interpretation if it is long ?

Participants can send in their dreams for interpretation during Kaya's webinars to the following address: events@ucm.ca