Multidimensional Vision... Dream or Reality?

with Blanaid Rensch
Thursday, 21 May, 2020 - 09:30

You wonder why you have dreamt of a snake or a tiger? What’s the message for you? Are you feeling a lack of space, freedom, intimacy or lock-downed at the moment? Why do you sometimes feel demotivated and can no longer advance in your daily life?

And if these issues and disturbances were also to come from your memories, from your inner world …and could be transformed into a great strength and positive potential...

Let’s find out together with Blanaid, who has been studying dream analysis for 17 years now, and is happy to share with you, in all simplicity, and with her natural enthusiasm, the extraordinary, profound and yet completely logical information we can receive about ourselves in dreams…

Join her in this webinar and discover the joy of new, renewed vision & the magic and healing power of dreams.

Web lecture recording: $20.00