Ego - Soul’s continued journey to understand ‘Self'

with Haritha Nayak
Thursday, 10 March, 2022 - 09:30

In a moment of honesty as a spiritual person if you ask the following questions to yourself, what will be your answer… Do you feel at times to be more important than others? Do you think of yourself more knowledgeable than others or believe that you know everything? Do you feel that no one understands your intentions & thus you use anger or rejection as a tool to express yourself? Negatively, ego is this sense of illusion where one begins to feel or wants to feel more powerful or important than others, stops to be a student of life & thinks that he/she knows everything or more than others!

But did you know that for an initiate, on the plus, the inner work on the same ego can become a way to evolve profoundly, a way to understand ‘Self’, to eventually understand the universe! Decoding symbolically own Dreams, Signs & Symbols is a real work of cleansing the ‘Ego’.

In this workshop, Haritha will share how we all receive a life program, situations in life & even clear signs again & again to bring our attention to the negative play of own ego. Even the physical body has a way to reveal that. The marks or illnesses in the body are no coincidences, they are the way of the universal intelligence to tell us what needs to stop or change in this life. She will share concrete examples from her life how she decoded symbolically the astrological inputs, physical injuries & recurring dreams to understand her life program.

She will share real life examples and dreams that she received herself throughout as an initiate, that helped her to unveil the layers of hidden ego with knowledge which otherwise can create what is called ‘Spiritual illusion of Ego’ which is very dangerous for any soul!

"Journey begins with 'I'.  As the layers of 'I are peeled with knowledge, the gap between 'I' & 'They' starts to dissolve, to experience deep within 'Oneness'. That is the Soul's journey of Evolution by working on Ego."

Web lecture recording: USD$20.00