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27 August 2020 09:30

The hidden Wisdom of Food

With Isabelle

Web Conference: USD$20.00

10 September 2020 09:30

Understanding a soul's evolution through its dreams

With Geoffrey Gagnon

Web Conference: USD$20.00

24 September 2020 09:30

All Work & No Play; All Play & No Work... Finding the Right Balance

With Blanaid Rensch

Web Conference: USD$20.00

8 October 2020 09:30

The most common dreams - edition #1

With Anthony Di Benedetto

Web Conference: USD$20.00

22 October 2020 09:30

A Dream is born: the sharing of a spiritual mother

With Kasara Di Benedetto

Web Conference: USD$20.00

5 November 2020 08:30

Indian Mythology - Myth or Reality? Opening the veil with symbolic language

With Haritha Nayak

Web Conference: USD$20.00

19 November 2020 08:30

Stuck in old patterns? How to stop going round in circles

With Geoffrey Gagnon

Web Conference: USD$20.00

3 December 2020 08:30

Modern spirituality in the family -- it’s possible!

With Eloi & Sophie Delmonico

Web Conference: USD$20.00

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