Vietnam Photos 2015

a wonderful mission accomplished in Vietnam...

Thanks to the support of our sponsors and volunteers, the organizers of Dreams & Signs project, including TTT Corporation, PSSA (Pyramid Spiritual Science Academy) and PNC (Phuong Nam Corporation), have created a miracle which is overcoming many challenges to bring Kaya and Christiane Muller to meet and talk to thousands of students, children, parents and businessmen, to help them find the true Happiness through their Dreams. 

The experiences with Kaya and Christiane during the past 9 days were truly unforgettable. It's so meaningful and touching to witness the knowledge, the message that our teachers shared has touched the hearts of all participants. And above all, we clearly see the changes, the transformation within ourselves and those around us...

18 March: Online Seminar with Kaya at TTT Architects' Meeting Hall

Being concerned about the topic which is too new for Vietnamese people, we have prepared an online meeting session with Kaya and more than 30 reporters, businessmen to help people understand more about the event. This meeting received a lot of encouragement and supports from the participants, which gave us the strength and confidence before the event.


2 April: Welcome Kaya and Christiane to Ho Chi Minh City

Representing PSSA, PNC and TTT to welcome our dear speakers at the airport, we couldn't not hide our extreme joy when meeting them in person. All of us felt the warmth and familiar feelings when seeing this venerable couple.


3 April: The book launch at PNC Nguyen Oanh Book Café

Kaya and his beloved wife has come to talk and introduce his autobiography "Becoming an angel - the path of enlightenment" to more than 100 participants, including journalists, PNC's readers. The book launch started with Kaya's sharing of his spiritual journey and Christiane's important role in his life and the new knowledge about Dreams, he emphasized to everyone that in the very close future, Dream will become the most important source of knowledge, even more important than medicine and engineering. After the sharing, the reporters and the audience had the opportunity to raise the questions and let Kaya decode their dream. The book launch lasted longer than expected because everyone wished to know more about their dreams and understand the message for themselves!

Kaya & Christiane have received as a gift the traditional costume of Vietnam from the number one designer in Vietnam. 

Before the book launch ended, everyone experienced 5 minute meditation to relax and trigger dreams under the guidance of Christiane.

3 April: Press Interview at TTT Corporation

After the book launch, we left with the regret that there were still many dreams, many questions unanswered because of the limited time ... Still smiling after a long day, Kaya and Christiane has come to the office of TTT Corporation to start the interview which lasted more than 3 hours with the reporters who had the prior appointment to share deeper understandings of Dreams & Symbolic Language as well as the enlightening journey of our teachers.

5 April: One day Course at Diamond Place Convention Center

The free course lasted about 8 hours has attracted nearly 300 participants that filled up the hall of Diamond Place. This is the deepest session in Ho Chi Minh City, using media tools, images and sound to give the audience a thorough understanding of dreams and symbolic language. Besides the valuable knowledge from our teachers, the organizers had cleverly incorporated the a few performances, sometimes it's excited, sometimes it's emotional and touching... they were also very touched that Kaya and Christiane have wore the traditional Vietnamese costume...

The theme song "The power of dream" was presented by the angelic voice of the young singer Tri Giao has opened the event. Our speakers have generously complimented her talent and sweetly encouraged her future journey.

After a long session with the new knowledge of symbolic language from Kaya. Everyone joined together a vegetarian meal prepared by the restaurant. And when returning to the course, a spontaneous dance group consisting of our volunteers stepped on the stage to bring many laughers and joyful moments to everyone.

The tight hugs, the clenched hands connected every heart with love. All of us were touched by the sharing of an audience when she cried a lot and said that a few days ago she had intended to commit suicide because she felt being stuck in her life but she also felt lucky to be here and listen to the teaching comes from the heart of our teachers. Kaya have given her many honest advices and a tight hug to transmit the power to help her overcome any difficulties ... And in that day, she also told us that she had changed completely.

The touching moments of this event:

It is the moment when our teachers shed a tear when receiving the gift, which is a painting made of rice and by the hands of a disabled artist from DRD center...

It is the moment when the organizers respectfully brought a special gift, the picture of a gray barren tree has blossomed with the colorful fingerprints of the participants, the supporters... it expressed the message that we are one, each person will contribute to help our "life tree" blossom and the event couldn't happen without the unity of every people...

It is the moment when the course ended with a short meditation session for people to relax and absorb what they have learned. When their eyes opened, in front of them was the dark stage full of shimmering lotus candles and everyone harmonized with the song "Heal the World" which leave the hope, the desire for a better world for all of us.

6 April: Visit Nguyen Binh Khiem and Dinh Tien Hoang Primary Schools

Being educators, Kaya and Christiane have a special conception on the role of parents and children education through dreams. The teachers have transmitted this knowledge in a simple and easy to understand way for 2,500 pupils, so that the children can learn to develop good qualities as well as recognize and transform their not so good thoughts and behaviors.

The pupils were very excited with the interesting lecture of Kaya and Christiane. These applicable lessons helped the children to analyze their own dreams to understand what they should do, what actions, thoughts and feelings they need to change in that day.

6 April: English speaking workshop at Wall Street English

The dreams and signs workshop for English speakers at one of the biggest English centers in Ho Chi Minh City. The theme of this new and interesting topic had attracted nearly 200 participants and filled the auditorium. The elders and youngsters had raise many interesting questions revolved around their mysterious dreams and everyone was satisfied with the wise answers from Kaya.

8 April: Meeting with the Businessmen at TTT Architects

This is the final event of Kaya and Christiane before leaving Ho Chi Minh to Hanoi City. Although we had arranged a sightseeing tour for our dear teachers to rest after a busy schedule with more than 8 events within four days, we were told by Kaya that "if anyone needs to see us, we will continue to meet and share with them, we are here to make the connection from hearts to hearts, sightseeing is fun but not too important "...

And so, at the meeting hall of TTT Architects, we have welcomed 30 entrepreneurs, leaders, who have a voice in the society, on the morning of our last day in Ho Chi Minh City. This teaching hoped to help these businessmen not only to operator their company well but also develop the good qualities of their employees, make good selection and decision for their staff. And these businessmen, are also the parents, can nurture their children to become talented and kind leaders, and can help to develop the qualities of their children by understanding their children's dream.

9 April: One day workshop in Hanoi

Although there is a problem at the last minutes and we had to change the venue, but the number of participants still exceeds the expectation with more than 300 people and we had to set up 100 more seats to serve the visitors.

9 April: 24 hour Retreat at Dolphin Plaza, Hanoi

This is the most special and intensive program and the only event that charged participants entrance fee, in order to partly support the operation costs. Almost all 30 participants of this event admitted that they had never had these experiences before, this is the chance for them to practice the Dreams' Teaching, then they could sleep together for one night and woke up with an Angelica Yoga session taught by Christiane and had their dreams decoded by Kaya to immediately reflect on what they have learned.

Many changes have happened inside each participant after 24 hours of listening, learning to eat, to sleep, to dream and to meditate, to practice yoga with our dear teachers.


Finally, after more than nine days with a lot of meaningful activities, we say goodbye to Kaya and Christiane and retain great memories for ourselves.

And hopefully we will see them again soon, our real life angels...