Vandana Arora

  • UCM Assistant Professor Vandana Arora

I was born in Kolkata, India. Since a very young age, I used to pray to God to understand the reasons behind the difficulties of life. One day in front of Lord Shiva’s image, I closed my eyes & kept chanting "Aum Namah Shivay" for a long time. I felt a strong connection as if something touched deep inside me. At that time I didn't know that I was meditating.

I remember a dream that I saw while I started to go to school. I dreamt that Goddess Saraswati (the Hindu goddess of knowledge, music, art, wisdom, and learning) was sitting beside me on the school bus and we were happily interacting with each other. Every morning I used to share my dreams with my elder sister. At that time, I didn’t know that dreams are a way to connect with God…with our inner self. But I knew that dreams were always an integral part of me and I used to look forward to understand the dreams.  At times while being on the school bus during traffic, I used to try changing from red to green through my concentration.  Unknowingly I was experimenting with my Spiritual capacity.

Being in a religious environment, since childhood from my parents I was given responsibilities to clean and take care of the temple of our home. While cleaning I used to sing songs of Meera Bai ( Hindu mystic poet and devotee of Krishna. She is a celebrated Bhakti saint, particularly in the North Indian Hindu tradition) & other devotional songs praying to God, to cleanse my karma & to improve my life. Gradually when I started to grow up, my intention to connect with God also became profound. Our name symbolizes our personality. It was no coincidence that my name is Vandana which means to pray; to worship.

With Astrological knowledge to improve life; to work on my memories/karma, I started to do sava lakh jaap (to recite mantras of planets & deities for 1.25 lakh times.) I was becoming extreme to some extent as I used to recite mantras out of fear of God punishing me for my past Karmas.

Somewhere I knew my intention was not right.  I came to New Delhi for higher Studies in Media Management and there along with studies and work as a Media Researcher, I simultaneously started to explore other modalities of Spirituality. It helped me to some extent to transcend the extremism of recitation and I was introduced to the Energy System of Consciousness. It was a step for me but I still felt as if my soul was searching for something deep enough and more concrete at the same time in my spiritual quest.

In 2013, my elder sister attended Kaya & Christiane’s workshop organized in Pyramid Valley in Bangalore. She shared knowledge with me & I started to work on myself. My dreams and nightmares intensified. In 2014, I attended Kaya & Christiane’s workshop in New Delhi and I was enthusiastic to know about the interpretation of my nightmares. Dreams seem so logical to me. That workshop encouraged me to continue on this path.

In 2015, Haritha introduced me to the Dream Sign and Symbol Interpretation course which was due to happen in India, I remembered a dream wherein a classroom, I was filling out an enrolment form for a new course. It touched my heart and I knew I had to do this program to know my Inner Universe in a profound way. In 2016 I joined the DSSI program. It was a revelation for me. It continues to help to understand facets of my personality; to alchemy what needs to be. It facilitates understanding situations and people that life brings to me through the Symbolic language. I continue to learn to incarnate Knowledge. It helps me to become a better person …A better soul. I am grateful to the Universe to have a supportive spouse and a family. People around are happy to know and to be on this path of self-discovery and transformation.  It’s a joy for me to be an eternal student of the Universe.