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The leading online training course on Dreams, Signs and Symbols Interpretation (DSSI) with weekly individual follow-up.
Already followed by thousands of people around the world.

Training in Dream, Signs & Symbols Interpretation

An expertise to understand the deep meaning of dreams and nightmares.

For years, DSSI training has helped thousands of people deepen their understanding of themselves and life in general.

This academic program requires you to submit one dream per week for analysis in the IRSS Portal. An individual and weekly accompaniment is carried out by one of the professors who will be able to advise you on your analyses and answer your questions.

The DSSI Training is composed of 2 online training programs: the 3-year Certificate and the 2-year License. The latter contains hundreds of hours of video training as well as two 4-day live seminars.

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Quality training.

Programs designed to produce ethical specialists who are competent in the practice of their knowledge.

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Expertise program

The Dreamverse that lives in you.

With the DSSI Training, decode the symbols that shape the multi-dimensions of your inner Dreamverse and influence your daily reality.

DSSI Training Programs

Programs designed to produce ethical specialists who are competent in the practice of their knowledge.

Starting programCertificate

The reading of the Book of Angels Volume 1 is a prerequisite.

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Advanced ProgramLicense

Completion of the 3 Certificates is a prerequisite.

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class hours

Program of ExcellenceExpertise

Successful completion of the end-of-year Bachelor's degree examination is a prerequisite.

The DSSI Training teachers

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CEO & Founder
Christiane Muller
Vice President
General Manager
Anthony Di Benedetto
General Manager
Patrick Thomas
Director Europe
R├ęgine Thomas
Director Europe
Eloi Delmonico
Executive Director
Sophie Delmonico
Project Manager
Alexis Mercier
Project Manager
Emeline Mercier
Project Manager
Thibaut Favre de Thierrens
Project Manager
Claire Favre de Thierrens
Project Manager

The DSSI Training Assistant Professors

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Student testimonials

They have taken the DSSI training and share their experiences.

With IRSS training. he expression "Follow your dreams, they know the way" takes all its meaning. The 5 years of studying my dreams, my signs and my life, brought me an unexpected guidance. A real happiness has found its place in my relationship with myself and with others.
Olivier Masurel
Dipl.-Ing., entrepreneur and consultant
"Why the evil, why the suffering?" These are the questions that have plagued my heart, my soul, my mind for so long and that kept me teetering between revolt and victimization. The IRSS training came at the right time to bring me tangible answers and to give a deep meaning to what I see and live. I see and live.
Jo├źlle Colomar
Nurse Executive
Almost 4 years on this profound path, and I can say with the utmost gratitude that the IRSS training has been the most rewarding, gratifying and satisfying decision that Heaven has inspired me to make. I encourage all of you to take a step on this path and experience for yourselves this new way of living with signs and dreams in your daily lives.
Shrutee Pahuja
Chartered Accountant
The IRSS training is a very gift. Since I started a year ago, the analysis of my dreams brings answers to my questions and I live with much more serenity my inner change processes with much more serenity. The revisions by the teachers are done with so much kindness and wisdom
Librarian, France
This revelatory and elevating Teaching has profoundly shaken and transformed my Life. I was finally able to put answers, a logic to my existential questions, thanks to the understanding of the symbolic language of my dreams and signs.
Karin G├ętaz
Self-employed and therapist
With this training my life has taken a meaning, my dreams and signs guide me daily to improve my relationships, my work, my family, my couple, at all levels ..... I now practice house building and renovation, as well as other services to people, with a very enriching symbolic look:)
Thomas Vinay
Mountain guide
This teaching came to bring me answers and essential reference points in a period of life where I felt lost.... It has truly enlightened my life path! Thanks to the training and the Knowledge, I dared to stop (from running, from forcing, from running away) to go in acceptance. What a liberating journey!
Franziska Joho
Social worker
Over the past 3 years, my life has been completely transformed. I can understand, through the understanding of my dreams and my daily signs, my unconscious memories, which constitute my life program, and I can work on myself more deeply to transform them.
Dheeraj Chaurasia
Chartered Accountant
Through the DSSI training, I learn to perceive more deeply what is within me and around me. I am learning to enter deeply into the code of my soul to transform my limitations, to live my potential fully, and to create the best possibilities for my future... I am full of gratitude for all that this understanding brings to my daily life...
Sol├Ęne Duroselle

What are the benefits?

People who have already gone through the entire DSSI Training Program have made remarkable improvements in the quality of their lives in every way.

Significant changes occurred in their consciousness, their perception of themselves, others and the world; their relationships and communication blossomed and gained in depth and authenticity, and their ability to recognize synchronicities developed.

It is therefore important to approach this training first from a personal perspective, knowing however that it can be carried out later on a professional level.

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