The +|- School Program

+ & – are inscribed in the very essence of how human conscience works...



Main objective of the +|- Code Program for schools and children

Through the programming of right discernment with The +|– Code Program, students are truly encouraged to reinforce their capacity to become true, good leaders, to be capable of making good choices easily and rapidly to create a beautiful life based on qualities and values.

Making the right decision is essential to succeed in our life on all levels and to create beauty and harmony. This Program is also a key to help the children develop their EQ, their emotional intelligence on all levels. It can be used not only for high potential children and well-balanced people but also for those who have problems with concentration, hyperactivity, difficult relationships, or mental problems like autism, schizophrenia, etc.

Helping the young generations to understand the source code of consciousness, the aspects and differences between a positive and a negative choice in their environment is the real Mission and Objective beyond this Program. Within time, being able to understand the difference between a quality and a distortion, generate with time in us the capacity to create the essence of beauty and harmony in all spheres of our life.

“Being able to program true + & – in the very heart of the discernment mechanism of our brain and conscience is to propel a person toward a talent for luminous, inspiring creations. It will also help them positively reprogram their unconscious memories. Such creations are then extraordinary vectors of communication converging heart & mind, thanks to this simple code that defines the very essence of all that exists: The +|– Code.

What is the +|- Code Program ?

  • From 7 to 17 years old
  • 20 mins video clip
  • No extra work for schools or teachers
  • Available online on our private & secure cloud solution
  • High quality videos edited on professional editing video software
  • It is up to the school to decide the rhythm of diffusion of the program
  • You just need a projector and a computer with sound system to begin the session

Benefits for the school & children

  • It provides a top quality program to the school
  • It will improve the teachers to students relationship
  • It is a beautiful moment to learn in a fun and entertaining way
  • It places the school at the avant-garde of our time and method of teaching
  • It is a very interactive program so teacher can pause the video and make the class participate by inviting children to rise their hands if it is + or -

To register your school for the +|- Code Program or to have more information, please contact: 

more info: www.PLUSMINUSCODE.COM