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Therapist Degree Knowledge Training

Pre-requisites: Having completed 2 years of TD Training or TD Continuum, with or without the Therapist Degree diploma


The TD Knowledge program is for students who have completed 2 years of TD (or TD Continuum), who may or may not have received their Therapist Degree diploma, and who wish to continue their personal development through DSSI Training. This is an interesting option for all those who wish to continue to deepen their self-knowledge and skills in interpreting Dreams, Signs and Symbols.

TD Knowledge Training includes:

  • Access to the DSSI Online Seminars for C1-C2-C3 or TD1-TD2 (according to the current cycle)
  • 32 weeks’ Dream Journal revised by a professor or assistant-professor each week
  • Option to be an assistant for 1-2 students from C1-C2-C3 and revise the analysis of their weekly dream journals
  • 17 weeks’ Webinar in English (and 17 weeks’ Webinar in French for those who wish)
  • Access to the Online Evaluations for the Webinars
  • Access to the 4-hour Online Training Courses for C1-C2-C3 or TD1-TD2 (according to the current cycle)
  • 2 x one-hour online appointments at the Angelica Clinic during the year with a professor or assistant-professor