• Bannière Expertise Formation IRSS


(Entry requirements: Certificate 1, 2, 3 + Therapist Degree in DSSI)

Pre-requisites: Students must have received a Dream that a Master's Degree Course in DSSI is their Mission
+ approval by UCM Board of Teachers


The Master's in DSSI is intended for people who wish to work in partnership with Universe/City Mikaël within its different structures in places such as Angelica Clinics (internationally recognized), the new website & online platform: Edream Experts (soon available), the annual workshops, the Canadian, American and Asian conferences & seminars, the specific domains of Emotional Intelligence, Dreams, Signs & Symbols Interpretation. The Master's in DSSI is reserved exclusively for people wishing to become certified UCM teachers and who want to collaborate on the global diffusion of study & school programs that are being established around the world. Thus, the DSSI expert will be able to participate as a teacher on the Training Program of DSSI C1, C2, C3, and as a supervisor for students’ internships on the DSSI Degree Course.

The certified therapist will receive the title "Specialist & Professor in Dreams, Signs & Symbols Interpretation". The graduate may receive – subject to available positions – a permanent job offer or an exclusive partnership with UCM in order to do conference tours, regional or even international workshops, and to participate in the writing of books, as well as becoming an author, director and editor of school programs. The Master’s degree will also provide an opportunity to participate in UCM management responsibilities, to establish schools and/or to work in an Angelica Clinic, in the editing area and/or as a teacher. Registering for the Master’s degree is possible at the invitation of the UCM board of directors.