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dream, sign & symbol interpretation (dssi) training Course

Courses are from February to December each year. The next DSSI Program will start in February 2023

Registration is open now & possible until December 15, 2022 (places are limited).


For info on fees and admission for Canada, USA, UK, Japan, Australia and other countries, please write us at: dssi.training@ucm.center

For India please write us at: dssi.training@ucm.in

And for Vietnam at: dssi.training@ucm.vn



The Teaching & Research Center Universe/City Mikaël (UCM) is happy to offer a full training program on the study of Emotional Intelligence (EQ), Symbolic Language and the interpretation of Dreams, Signs & Symbols based on Professors Kaya & Christiane Muller's works and research, allowing all those who wish to acquire in-depth knowledge of this subject, and become an accredited therapist, specialist, and/or teacher in this field. 

Aware of the need to protect the public, it is vitally important for us to train competent specialists who have integrated the principles of symbolic language into their own lives, and consequently are not mere theoreticians regarding counselling on the metaphysical level, but who are real therapists whose quality of intervention makes a difference to the personal equilibrium, emotional, affective, and professional lives of those who consult them.

Understanding life symbolically, as well as the world of dreams and signs, represents the highest level of knowledge and human psychology. This training program will activate deep inner transformation which will lead you to a new understanding of the world. It will allow you to attain and put into practice advanced levels of wisdom and compassion because the more we enter the heart of this knowledge of symbols, the more we incarnate and embody true humility, understanding that life is a perpetual school of evolution and transformation.

Through this DSSI Training Program, we offer you a deep, authentic relationship with yourself and your unconscious luggage, your own dreams and signs, as well as with others and their metaphysical dimension, and, indeed, with the whole world and all that it represents symbolically. This Program offers an interdimensional, evolutive approach governed by respect, introspection, autonomy, and freedom.   

DSSI Training is provided by different professors accredited by UCM, whose reputation is now well established in over 43 countries worldwide, and, on the whole, will be given and/or supervised by Kaya, Christiane Muller, as well as other UCM accredited professors.

If you wish to help to organize this Training in your country, please contact us at: ORG@UCM.CA

certificate training  (3 years - 3 Certificates, C1, C2, C3)

who is this Certificate training suitable for?  

DSSI Training is suitable for anyone, who in their work or life, receives a deep calling to understand themselves and to improve their life. It is also suitable for all those who wish to know themselves better and to improve their relationships with their spouse, children, family, boss, colleagues, and friends. 

Students who have already accomplished the full DSSI Training program over the last few years have remarkably improved the quality of their lives on every level. Important changes have taken place in their conscience, in their perception of themselves, others, and the whole world, in their couple, in their parent/child and general family relationships, even in their work relationships, regarding depth, synchronicity, self-fulfillment, and true communication. Hence it is important to approach this training first and foremost from a personal perspective, which may lead to a professional level later.   

dssi international training presented in all countries

note: people from all over the world can attend. there ARE 4 x 2-day ONLINE SEMINARS DURING THE YEAR, and ALL other ASPECTS of the annual program ARE also done online with individual & tailor-made teachings for each student. THE dream & sign interpretations of all students are revised on a weekly basis (if you wish to organize a group in your country, please write to us at: org@ucm.ca)

Certificate Training is an in-depth Training on Emotional Intelligence (EQ), Symbolic Language and Interpretation of Dreams, Signs and Symbols (DSSI), which allows students to acquire detailed understanding of the interactions of the unconscious on our conscience,and of the metaphysical on the physical level. Through this Dreams & Signs Training Program, UCM School is committed to providing students with exceptional tools and private online portal that will allow them to develop the art of decoding and applying symbolic language so as to improve their inner and concrete life.  

The Certificate Training Program consists of 472 hours + Revised Dream Journal by a Certified UCM Professor or Assistant-Professor each week, organized over a period of 3 years, and includes 3 certificates: C1, C2 and C3. Each certification may be followed individually, respecting the prerequisite conditions. At the end of the Certificate Training Program, an attestation Diploma will be awarded to all students who have successfully completed this 3-year Dream, Sign, Symbol Interpretation (DSSI) Training Program.  

The DSSI Training Program begins in February 2023.* Closing date for registration: December 15, 2022.

For 2023 registrations, you can already contact us to reserve your place or if you wish to organize the DSSI Training in your country.

For info on fees and admission for Canada, USA, UK, Japan, Australia and other countries, please write us at: dssi.training@ucm.center
For India please write us at: dssi.training@ucm.in
And for Vietnam: dssi.training@ucm.vn