• Bannière Expertise Formation IRSS


Entry requirements: Certificate 1, 2, 3 + Therapist Degree in DSSI + invitation by the UCM Board of Professors


WHO IS An expertise degree IN DSSI SUITABLE FOR? 

The Expertise Degree Program is for those wishing to become UCM Professors and work in partnership with the UCM Teaching & Research Center (UCM) within the various structures in place, such as the Angelica Clinics (recognized worldwide), the new One Dream website (in preparation), annual seminars, and Asian, Canadian, American, African and European Conferences, in the specific fields of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and Dream, Sign & Symbol Interpretation.

The certified therapist receives the title of Expert and Professor in Dream, Sign & Symbol Interpretation. The graduate will be offered – depending on availability – a permanent job or an exclusive partnership with UCM, in order to give regional, even international, lectures or workshops, and/or by getting involved as book Writer/Editor, or School Program Director. This function will also allow the advanced student to participate in UCM management responsibilities, set up schools and/or work in the Angelica Clinic, or in publishing or teaching. Registration to the Expertise Degree Program is possible by invitation of the UCM Board of Professors.

A program offered free of charge

The Expertise Degree Program is offered free of charge and can be completed over a number of years that varies from person to person.

These years of preparation provide a concrete and practical learning ground, to allow future DSSI Professors to practice teaching Knowledge of Symbolic Language, through the recording of PR assignments, the presentation of workshops during UCM Seminars, the presentation of Live Web Conferences, etc. They allow the student to develop a deep spiritual maturity, in order to be ready to live in a natural way the collective responsibilities that the mission of spiritual teacher brings, and to integrate the deep, heartfelt wish to help through the Knowledge of Dreams, Signs & Symbols.