• Bannière Licence 2 Formation IRSS

DSSI Therapist degree course 2

4 x two-day seminars in online streaming (72 hours) & 86 hours of online training + individualized follow-up with a professor or assistant-professor each week

Pre-requisite: DSSI Therapist’s Degree 1



The DSSI Degree Course is suitable for anyone who feels a deep calling to help others in their quest for inner well-being, whether at work or in their everyday life. This training course provides the keys to develop and improve the efficiency of those people who work, or are called to work, in the fields of physical, psychological and energetic health. 


The 2-year DSSI degree course is a practical training course in Dreams, Signs & Symbols Interpretation. It trains students to become specialized therapists in symbolic language and its application in therapeutic relationships. Through this two-year intensive course, UCM Teaching and Research Center is committed to training professionals to construct high quality, efficient, therapeutic relationships with anyone who consults a DSSI therapist. The DSSI Therapist Degree Course also provides students with the opportunity to learn how to give energy healing that integrates Angel Work and Symbolic Language. The students will learn a technique called Angelica Yantra, which is a very advanced Reiki technique that integrates the understanding of Symbolic Language and the use of Angel Mantras.


In addition to an in-depth approach to energy healing, the Therapist Degree courses deal with deep topics of modern life such as ethics, health, diplomacy, communication, hidden wisdom, the symbolic meaning of diseases, the concept of memories and other aspects related to modern society, in order to know and understand the types of dynamics that the students could encounter later in their practice as therapists.

2nd Year: DSSI Therapist's degree 2

  • Participation in the DSSI TD Seminars
  • Themes of the Seminars for the DSSI Therapist’s Degree 2
    • "Alchemy & soul healing"
    • "Transcendence of sexuality"
    • "Initiations beyond resistance"
    • 2-day examinations - Therapist Degree 2
  • In-depth apprenticeship of the DSSI therapeutic approach via 15 Online Courses
  • Themes of the Online Courses for the DSSI Therapist’s Degree 2
    • Ethics & deontology… Sacred confidentiality
    • Discernment… Knowing our true path
    • Subordination… Toward acceptance of our life program
    • Transcendence of inner combats
    • Knowledge of good & evil
    • Sexual abuse… A volcano of memories
    • Protecting what is right
    • The magic in everyday life
    • Who are we?… The profound nature of the Universe & human beings
    • Transfiguration & spiritual powers
    • The responsibility that comes with power
    • Divine Grace & second chances
    • The symbolic meaning of illnesses
    • Presenting ourselves & our life mission
    • Divine materialization
  • Keep a Dream Journal and submit a dream interpretation analysis each week via the DSSI Portal, for individual revision by a professor or assistant-professor
  • Become an assistant for 1-2 C1-C2-C3 students and revise their Dream Journal analyses each week online via the DSSI Web Portal
  • 17 weekly Webinars in English
  • Personal research and in-depth reflection on various subjects
  • Apprenticeship of Angelica Yantra, a highly advanced energy treatment technique that integrates the understanding of symbolic language and the use of Angel Mantras
  • Apprenticeship of Angelica Yana, a breathing technique coupled with meditation and reading, decoding the symbolic images received in waking dreams
  • Practical apprenticeship of energy healing, where the student practices energy healing with relatives (2 times per month)
  • Practical apprenticeship of therapeutic communication, recorded guided meditations during the year to be commented on and revised by a teacher (2 times per month)
  • In-depth personal research in symbolic language, participation in editing words for a future Dictionary of Symbols (1 word per month)
  • Access to Online Evaluations of the weekly Webinars and 4-hour Webinar Training Courses
  • In the 2nd year of the DSSI Therapist’s Degree Course, the aspiring therapist is required to write a 20-25-page dissertation on a subject related to the DSSI therapeutic approach
  • Intensive period of examinations to evaluate each student’s progress, understanding and skills
  • 2 x one-hour online appointments at the Angelica Clinic during the year with a professor or assistant-professor


As in certain professions, the personal life ethics of assistant-therapists will be examined in order to ensure the quality of certified therapists. To obtain a DSSI Therapist’s Degree, students are required to have healthy life ethics and to undertake the rigorous process of examination, set to ascertain students’ Knowledge, capacity and qualities to be a certified DSSI Therapist. The teaching committee reserves the right to refuse access to the DSSI Therapist Degree Course and also reserves the right not to grant a diploma to any student who does not meet the standards required to become an accredited DSSI therapist. Furthermore, for all those who receive the diploma, there is also an annual verification of the DSSI Therapist’s Degree accreditation to validate the quality of the certified therapists’ long-term commitment.

To receive the DSSI Therapist’s Degree, it is essential that the aspiring therapist be vegetarian. We believe it is self-evident that when we wish to help humanity, our food choices must also reflect a profound commitment to respect life and the animal world. However, it is not necessary to become vegan; yoghurt and cheese may be included but not cow’s milk. 


A 2-day intensive period of examinations is held each year, where all facets of the DSSI Course will be tested and evaluated (knowledge of symbolic language applied to a vast range of subjects, ability to interpret dreams directly, capacity to adapt appropriately, etc.) These 2 days’ examinations are held on-site, at the seminar locations, without access to the Dictionary, The Source Code or any mobile device in order to evaluate students understanding of the symbolic dynamic and to truly know each student’s level.

During this 2-year Degree Course, there is continual assessment of all work, which is graded and recorded (dream journals, revision of dream journal analyses as an assistant, personal research and practical work, evaluations of the 4-hour Online Training Courses and the weekly Webinars, examinations during each seminar, etc.).


DSSI therapists will benefit from a highly visible platform to present their services via our website, which is one of the most visited websites in the field of personal development. This platform, at the disposal of DSSI Therapists to present their services, will however be subject to strict rules respecting the DSSI code of ethics.    

An accredited DSSI Therapist may work in an already existing Angelica Clinic, set up a new Angelica Clinic subject to approval of the teaching committee, or work in an already-existing independent practice.

NOTE: It is also possible to follow the DSSI Therapist Degree Course simply for one’s own personal development, without necessarily becoming a therapist. To do so, please enroll via the DSSI Therapist Degree Continuum page and select Option 2.