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DSSI Therapist Degree Continuum

Pre-requisites: Diploma Certificate (C1, C2 & C3) for the no exam option, or 2 completed years of the DSSI Therapist Degree Course for the exam option

Aims & Objectives

The DSSI Therapist Degree Continuum enables students who have completed 1 or 2 years of the DSSI Therapist Degree Course to continue their studies and deepen their learning in the field of therapy at their own pace via the tools proposed in DSSI Training Courses. This program also enables students who did not pass the DSSI Therapist Degree exam on their first try, to continue their training with a view to retaking the exam to become an accredited DSSI Therapist.

Note: Those students who have received their DSSI Certificate Diploma (C1, C2 & C3), and who wish to follow the DSSI Therapist Degree Course solely for self-development, without wishing to become an accredited therapist, may enroll directly in the DSSI Therapist Degree Continuum (Option 2 only).

The complete DSSI Therapist Degree Continuum program includes:

  • Keeping a Dream Journal and submitting a dream interpretation analysis each week via the DSSI Portal, for individual revision by a professor or assistant-professor
  • Become an assistant for 1-2 C1-C2-C3 students and revise their Dream Journal analyses each week online via the DSSI Web Portal
  • 17 weekly Webinars in English
  • Personal research and in-depth reflection on various subjects
  • Apprenticeship of Angelica Yantra, a highly advanced energy treatment technique that integrates the understanding of symbolic language and the use of Angel Mantras
  • Apprenticeship of Angelica Yana, a breathing technique coupled with meditation and reading, decoding the symbolic images received in waking dreams
  • Practical apprenticeship of energy healing, where the student practices energy healing with relatives (2 times per month)
  • Practical apprenticeship of therapeutic communication, recorded guided meditations during the year to be commented on and revised by a teacher (2 times per month)
  • In-depth personal research in symbolic language, participation in editing words for a future Dictionary of Symbols (1 word per month)
  • Access to Online Evaluations of the weekly Webinars and 4-hour Webinar Training Courses
  • All year access to the 4-hour Online Training Courses for Certificates 1, 2 and 3
  • Intensive period of examinations to evaluate each student’s progress, understanding and skills (option 1 only)
  • 2 x one-hour online appointments at the Angelica Clinic during the year with a professor or assistant-professor



Option 1 with seminars & exams includes all of the program’s work (with the exception of the dissertation, since this will have already been submitted during year 2 of the DSSI Therapist Degree Course), is offered to students who have completed 2 years of the DSSI Therapist Degree Course. It enables students to retake the exam with a view to becoming an accredited DSSI Therapist.

Important: Students who wish to retake the DSSI Therapist Degree exam must choose this option when enrolling.


Option 2 with seminars but without exams includes all of the program’s work, with the exception of the dissertation, work as a revision assistant and participation in writing up words for a future dictionary of symbols. This option enables students to attend seminars and receive lectures, participate in seminar workshops, practice giving treatments & composing guided meditations, while continuing to deepen their self-knowledge & development at their own pace.

Important: This is the only DSSI Therapist Degree Continuum Option that Certificate (C1, C2 & C3) graduates can enroll in directly. This option may also be chosen by students who have completed 1 year of the DSSI Therapist Degree Course.