• Bannière Certificat 2 Formation IRSS

Certificate 2 (C2)

4 x two-day Seminars in online streaming

158 hour Program of Seminars and Online Training

32 weeks of Revised Dream Journal with a Certified UCM Teacher

Personal Research (PR) assignments & Evaluation of Knowledge (EK)

For info on fees and admission for Canada, USA, UK, Japan, Australia and other countries, please write us at: dssi.training@ucm.center

For India please write us at: dssi.training@ucm.in

And for Vietnam at: dssi.training@ucm.vn

Scholarships also available for those who have low incomes, upon request and acceptance


Pre-requisite: Certificate C1


Certificate 2 (C2) deals more specifically with dynamics related to the emotional level, the world of feelings and memory. It also deals in great depth with verbal and nonverbal communication, the law of resonance, as well as many other subjects.. 

Themes of the Seminars

  • "Memories of past lives…"
  • "Consolation that leads to dependencies or liberation"
  • "Resonance via affinities and/or repulsion"
  • "Compassionate listening"

 Themes of the Online Courses

  • Cosmic memory
  • The intelligence of the Universe
  • The evolution of psychoanalysis… Understanding memories
  • Innovations in matter and in consciousness
  • The phenomenon of comparison
  • Managing renown
  • Painting, a source of inspiration or seeking originality
  • Writing, the pages of my past and my future
  • The secrets of the animal kingdom
  • Fears, the unconscious energy that limits and protects us
  • Resonance on the collective level
  • The human body and its symbolic meaning
  • Body language… an extension of verbal expression
  • Rancor, bitterness… that prevent us from evolving
  • Evolution via failure and success
  • And much more...

Requirements to receive the Certificate Diploma (3 years, C1-C2-C3):

  • Submission of the Dream Journal each week on the DSSI Training Website Portal 
  • Submission of the Personal Research assignment every 2 weeks on the DSSI Training Website Portal 
  • Submission of the Evaluation of Knowledge for each Webinar (every 2 weeks) and each Online Course (every 2 weeks as well) on the DSSI Training Website Portal

85% of Dream Journals, Personal Research assignments and Evaluations of Knowledge must be completed to successfully complete a DSSI year and receive the Certificate Diploma after 3 years (C1-C2-C3) of Training.