• Bannière Certificat 1 Formation IRSS

Certificate 1 (C1)

4 x two-day Seminars in online streaming

158 hour Program of Seminars and Online Training 

32 weeks of Revised Dream Journal with a Certified UCM Teacher

Personal Research (PR) assignments & Evaluation of Knowledge (EK)

For info on fees and admission for Canada, USA, UK, Japan, Australia and other countries, please write us at: dssi.training@ucm.center

For India please write us at: dssi.training@ucm.in

And for Vietnam at: dssi.training@ucm.vn

Scholarships also available for those who have low incomes, upon request and acceptance


Objectives of the first certificate (from february to december):

Certificate 1 (C1) deals more specifically with dynamics related to the physical level, the concrete foundation of our lives, studied in more depth through symbolic language as a way to uncover all its multidimensions and depth.

Themes of the Seminars

  • "Meditation to know ourselves and the Universe"
  • "My job/profession, my symbolic work…"
  • "My spouse, the reflection of my inner polarity, and the meaning of celibacy"
  • "My relationship with my family..."

Themes of the Online Courses

  • My house, my intimate, inner world
  • My clothes, the aura I emanate
  • My  taste in music, the ambiances that dwell in me and that I cultivate…
  • My taste in food, the conscious or unconscious nutrition of my soul
  • A sense of responsibility
  • My leisure time, my favorite physical activities and pastimes (hobbies)
  • A therapeutic (aid and support) relationship
  • My friends, the reflection of my affinities
  • A child, a baby, an open door onto the future
  • The macrocosm in the microcosm
  • My city, my country, my collective dimension
  • Every picture tells a story… of inner states of conscience…
  • “Reading” hidden reality…
  • The keys to elevation
  • My car… The way I advance in society, in the collectivity
  • And much more...

Requirements to receive the Certificate Diploma (3 years, C1-C2-C3):

  • Submission of the Dream Journal each week on the DSSI Training Website Portal 
  • Submission of the Personal Research assignment every 2 weeks on the DSSI Training Website Portal 
  • Submission of the Evaluation of Knowledge for each Webinar (every 2 weeks) and each Online Course (every 2 weeks as well) on the DSSI Training Website Portal

85% of Dream Journals, Personal Research assignments and Evaluations of Knowledge must be completed to successfully complete a DSSI year and receive the Certificate Diploma after 3 years (C1-C2-C3) of Training.