Online Training

for adults, parents & teachers
who wish to learn more about pedagogy with young people

***ONLINE PROGRAM available for all english-speaking countries***

It is possible to register at any time

The Universe/City Mikaël (UCM) Teaching & Research Center is happy to announce a new possibility for adults, parents and teachers who wish to learn more about pedagogy with young people.

Indeed, following the requests we received on this subject, we have added a new option to the DreamerOne program for the youth, called DreamerOne Knowledge for adults, which allows adults to access the program's online courses (more than 42 hours of lessons to be viewed at your convenience), without having to do the personal research assignments or evaluations of knowledge (those being designed for young people).

This program allows adults to view the courses of the 9-13, or 14-18 age group, and to receive the teachings contained in these innovative and advanced online training courses for young people. It is possible to register at any time, for one year only if you wish. Each year, the current level for the DreamerOne Training changes, so depending on your year of registration, you will access the Level 1, 2 or 3 course, always according to the cycle chosen (9-13 years old or 14-18 years old). Note: all levels are equivalent, but speak about different general themes.

We invite you to come and discover this innovative, modern and avant-garde training, which presents the multidimensional knowledge of dreams and signs, and how they can be true technologies of consciousness thanks to symbolic language. Through the content of this training, you will have access to a completely new way of approaching and understanding in-depth the following themes, for a better pedagogy with young people:

  • Dreams, signs & symbolic language
  • Adolescence and the awakening of memories
  • Social relationships, social networks, influencers, fashions, etc.
  • Video games, movies, music
  • Hidden insecurities, fears, nightmares
  • Intimidation, social pressure, rebellion, manipulation
  • Depression, destructive thoughts, addictions, mental health
  • Self-confidence, knowing how to respect one's own identity and values.
  • Religious and cultural diversity, a wealth of understanding and ancient knowledge
  • History with symbolic language
  • Eating and eating disorders
  • The future world of work, good management of resources, and money, what's the point?
  • What is sexuality, how & why?
  • and many other topics treated in a multidimensional way


Online Training cycles: