DREAMERONE - online training

2 x 3-year cycles: 9-13 years old and 14-18 years old

ANNUAL CERTIFICATION: 1 diploma per year

Registrations are open until December 15, 2022 - The next session will begin in February 2023.
We recommend reserving your place in advance (limited places).
Note: Possibility to do only one year if we wish.


Discover on our Youtube playlist extracts from the DreamerOne Training for young people

Never before in the history of mankind has the human being been confronted with so much information of all kinds... The world that surrounds us today is full of nuances, subtleties, multidimensional information to be decoded & fake news... How can we find our way when we are young and not get lost? How to discern through all this? How do we know if we are building our life well in the long term? Can dreams help us? Can they be unsuspected tools that allow us to know ourselves better and get through difficulties? And if so, how?

In this totally innovative, modern & avant-garde training, discover how multidimensional knowledge, dreams and signs can be true technologies of consciousness thanks to the symbolic language... How they can be as logical as a mathematical equation and explain to us the percentages that are built within us, and that progressively elaborate our destiny... Through this training, you will have access to a whole new way of approaching and understanding in depth the following themes:   

  • Dreams, signs & symbolic language
  • Adolescence and the awakening of memories
  • Social relationships, social networks, influencers, fashions, etc.
  • Video games, movies, music
  • Hidden insecurities, fears, nightmares
  • Intimidation, social pressure, rebellion, manipulation
  • Depression, destructive thoughts, addictions, mental health
  • Self-confidence, knowing how to respect one's own identity and values.
  • Religious and cultural diversity, a wealth of understanding and ancient knowledge
  • History with symbolic language
  • Eating and eating disorders
  • The future world of work, good management of resources, and money, what's the point?
  • What is sexuality, how & why?
  • and many other topics treated in a multidimensional way

Whether this training speaks to you or as a parent you think it might be of interest to your youngster, we invite you to come and solve the enigma, to become a DreamerOne.