About the Teachers: Kaya and Christiane Muller



Kaya is a Spiritual Teacher, Author and International Lecturer on the Interpretation of Dreams, Signs & Symbols and Angelica Yoga in more than 43 countries throughout the world. He is also the President-Editor and Co-Founder of the UCM Foundation. His philanthropy, exemplary devotion, and humanitarian aid have become a source of inspiration for millions of people on the planet. His capacity to understand and explain to all audiences how the human conscience works through symbolic language is an extraordinary source of knowledge and understanding. An excellent Pedagogue and Lecturer, Kaya helps us understand our autonomy of conscience as well as our immense angelic potential. For him, an angel is the perfect symbol of a person who dreams. It is an ideal metaphor for all that a human being is called to become one day when he discovers his infinite potential, as well as the physical and metaphysical multi-dimensions of human conscience.

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christiane Muller

A spiritual and modern sage, at one with her era… Christiane grew up in Geneva, Switzerland, in a comfortably well-off  and yet modest family too. Her parents were grocers in Geneva, and she spent her childhood and teenage years in daily service as she helped her parents morning and evening, while continuing her studies. She was also brought up by a great aunt who had become very spiritual after her husband’s suicide. From a very young age, Christiane identified with this search for compassion and humanitarian aid.

However, the spiritual Christiane was unveiled again during a trip to India about 20 years ago. This trip plunged her into a turmoil of reflection, introspection and questioning on the true meaning of her values, her life and what she had achieved.

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For over 18 years now, Kaya and Christiane have devoted and continue to devote their life to spreading this ancient Knowledge on Dreams, Signs, Symbols, Angelica Mantra & Meditation throughout the world. They have written many international bestsellers on this subject, which have been translated into several languages. Their books are available in over 43 countries, in French, English, German, more recently in Hindi, and soon in Spanish, Italian, Romanian, and Portuguese.

Together with the help and support of their Multinational Foundation Universe/City Mikaël (UCM) based in Canada, India and various countries, Kaya & Christiane Muller propose complete Free School Programs to many schools in India and around the world.