As far as he can remember, Thibaut's life has always been filled with questionings about the meaning of life… of his life. During his childhood, these questions were amplified by his hypersensitivity, which led him to perceive so many things around and inside him… Without understanding these realities that he constantly observed, he tried to attract his parent's attention in several ways, often by stirring, joking or cheeking, believing that they could enlight his path… and help him…

Thibaut was born in a family where abundance was present on many plans, but matter was too often put at the first place. This created profound discrepancies in him, because the access to multi-dimensions was always present in his mind, and matter was just one of the realities that he perceived… he felt misunderstood… wandering, like "empty" inside. His adolescence was one of the most difficult periods of his life. All his senses were expanding, and he wished so much to understand what happened inside of him. His sensitivity, his lacks, his needs of recognition and his discrepancies led him to try to find a way out: extreme sports. Even if this practice helped him to "calm his senses" temporarily, his soul was still searching for answers to his inner distress.

His choice to become an osteopath was a decisive step in his journey… Through conscious touching and in-depth study of the human body's mechanics, his soul was searching to understand this sensitivity present in him since his childhood. During his studies and practice, he became aware about keeping a fair and qualitative intention during a healing, where ego is no longer present… However, before reaching this state of awareness and seek of purity in his therapeutical art, he first had to learn to know himself better, to clean and purify his consciousness. This deepened his initiatic path through the practice of Angelica Yoga and Angelica Mantra.

Today, thanks to the in-depth study of dreams and symbolic language, and the DSSI Program, that made him reach a new step of evolution on all plans, he progressively reprogrammed his consciousness and integrated in his very cells the importance of the development of qualities, virtues and symbolic language. Through this inner application of metaphysical Knowledge, he finally understood what he has always felt inside.

The recoding of his own consciousness and its constant deepening allow him today to appreciate others better, and help students of the DSSI Program, as an assistant teacher, to find the same treasures that gave a meaning to his actual life. With his wife Claire, they both evolve into the heart of knowledge and multi-dimensions of life. They are happy to inspire the Teaching and Research Center Universe/City Mikaël, through their participation, with Kaya and Christiane Muller, to the development of many projects such as the Angelica Yoga videos.