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The plus and the minus are the very foundation of the functioning of our consciousness...

(program now available in French)

We are pleased to present the code +|- school program, offered by the source code technology foundation in collaboration with the ucm teaching & research center and which is now available in French:

We usually think that what is simple is easy, but in reality simplicity can be much more complicated than something complex. complicated than something complex.

Professor Francis L. Kaya

The greatest knowledge at the level of human consciousness is the understanding of the notion of plus (+) and minus (-) in the experience of life, through the choices we make, the decisions we make, the paths we take. Indeed, this is a fundamental knowledge that all human beings should apply since it is directly related to innate knowledge. However, most of the time, the simple act of saying yes or no to a situation or in response to a question is phenomenally complex for many people. Even a 70-year-old person can sometimes have difficulty answering clearly questions as simple as, "Is this right?" or "Do I like this and that or not?" We often don't know what to think, aren't sure of the right answer, or say yes when it should be a no. We are used to thinking that what is simple is easy, but in reality, when this fundamental knowledge of plus and minus is not activated in our consciousness, the simplest thing can become more complicated than something really complex.

It is fascinating to see to what extent human memory can record and program itself with superimpositions of + and - that complexify its consciousness and its reasoning. We can say: "This is beautiful", when it is not, that it is disharmonious, and that what is qualified as beautiful by a person or a social group can generate aggressiveness, violence, absence of kindness, even malice, intolerance, etc. It also happens that when faced with negative things, some people start to laugh or show contentment. How can this happen? What generates these forms of discrepancies in our discernment?

This phenomenon is the result of the mixture of + and - that has been created through the learning and choices that the being has recorded in his memory, his inner computer, since he was very young. In his childhood, his mother may have told him that she loved him, but at the same time, she unconsciously generated information of emotional dependence, or tried to hide her impatience, etc. With time, all this ended up mixing the child's memories, altering his perception of the moment, his consciousness and generating dysfunctions that affect his ability to make decisions and even the simplest good choices related to essential aspects such as love, food, etc. The memory of some people is a real labyrinth filled with interconnected obstacles. Symbolic language not only allows us to decode dreams, signs and resonances, but also to recognize and understand these accumulations of mixed memories. By changing the programming codes in his inner computer, the being will then be able to activate a fair and balanced discernment when he has to choose between + and -, yes and no.

The Centre d'Enseignement & de Recherche Univers/Cité Mikaël (UCM), which is dedicated to the study and understanding of human consciousness, emotional intelligence, symbolic language, and the interpretation of dreams, signs and symbols, has developed programs that allow us to better understand the functioning of our memories as well as the source code at the basis of our consciousness. Its mission and main objectives are the design and implementation of new training programs for doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists, nurses, therapists, teachers, etc., the creation of avant-garde schools for children with high potential (HP), with supranormal faculties in intelligence, senses and consciousness, as well as for children with concentration problems, hyperactivity, dyslexia, autism, attention deficit or other learning difficulties. These studies and researches on the constitution and functioning of consciousness occupy today a primordial place in scientific, medical and educational circles, but also in the lives of all those who wonder who we really are, where we come from and where we are going.

It is quite possible to reprogram memories conditioned by distorted + and -. This is achieved by working with emotional intelligence and analyzing dreams, signs and symbols. Thanks to this, we can build highways at the neural level that allow us to think more easily and accurately, without creating bogged down complex memories that limit our immense potential, our sensory faculties, our choices and our self-confidence.

To the extent that we understand that the +/- code is the root of our destiny, we feel inspired and motivated to focus our efforts, choices and decisions on true values and right principles in order to build a life of happiness on all levels. That is why UCM prioritizes the design and implementation of teaching, training and education programs that contribute to the development of our inner IT system.

As a Teaching & Research Center, UCM is at the forefront of this field with its initiatives, innovative approaches and solutions, global vision and advanced knowledge.

Did you know that...

* Children feel more than they think?
At first, children feel more than they think, then, as they grow up, if they are not properly educated, they end up thinking more and more, to the detriment of their feelings.

* The human being functions like a living computer?
He continuously records positive and negative information, however, without necessarily being discerning, and this creates, over time, the multiple facets of his personality.

* The human being is one of the most accomplished computer systems in existence?
Indeed, in addition to his intellectual intelligence, he can resort to his emotional intelligence - his feelings, his intuitions, his sensory perceptions. This enables him to get in touch with the multi-dimensions that exist in him, in others and in all the elements of his environment. He achieves this through his dreams, through meditation, through the ability to decode signs, to perceive subtle energies, to process the multitude of data thus received, to extract answers, understandings, revelations.

* Human beings always speak in symbols?
Every person uses symbolic language, whether they are aware of it or not, because the choice of words, the structure of sentences, the clarity of language, the intonation of the voice, etc. reveal aspects of their being.