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Angel 72 Mumiah

Mumiah is the Angel of rebirth, and helps us understand the importance of cycles in life, and how to end them well.

Angel 71 Haiaiel

Haiaiel is the Angel who teaches us to stop attacking and fighting. He inspires us with heroism, bravery, courage and helps us to transcend our inner wars, to avoid conflicts. This Angel teaches us to no longer fight evil with evil, but to always represent good.

Angel 70 Jabamiah

Jabamiah is the Angel of Alchemy, who is able to transform everything. He helps us to become an Alchemist ourselves, by transmuting evil into good. He facilitates the healing and the accompaniment of the dying. When life throws stones at us, this Angel helps us to transform them into precious stones.

Angel 69 Rochel

Rochel is the Angel of Restitution. He helps us find lost or stolen objects, ideas or feelings, and helps us learn to give and receive in our exchanges with others in a healthy and balanced way. He helps us to regain lost potential.

Angel 68 Habuhiah

Habuhiah is an Angel of healing, helping us to heal and regain balance after a difficult phase.

Angel 67 Eyael

Eyael is the Angel of sublimation. With his energy, it is possible to transform our thoughts, emotions and actions, understanding that it is never too late to change who we are and who we wish to become.

Angel 66 Manakel

Manakel is the Angel of understanding good and evil. His energy allows us to deeply integrate that evil is educational. He helps us to understand that life is based on a code of positive (+) and negative (-). Thus, we can discern at any time what is right, to [...]

Angel 65 Damabiah

Damabiah is the Angel of wisdom, gentleness and purity. He allows us to radiate great spiritual values such as altruism, dedication, generosity and unconditional love. His energy is linked to the element water, and symbolically allows us to develop an abundance of positive emotions.

Angel 64 Mehiel

Mehiel is the Angel of inspiration and vivification. He helps us to activate our imagination and creativity to find intelligent solutions. He helps us to transform hyperactivity and lack of energy.