A SYMBOL represents key, multi-dimensional information of our Emotional Intelligence (EQ); it is the fundamental basis of Universal Knowledge and understanding of Life. It is the language of our conscience and of the way we perceive the realities all around us. Concretely, it enables us to make links and associations with experiences we’ve been through, and with conscious and unconscious memories. 

The best way to understand what symbolic language is to draw a parallel with computer programming. In html code, an image we see on the Internet or a function created for our computer is comprised of signs and symbols, letters, numbers, etc. The same is true of our memories, perceptions, and associations we make with what we understand and do. When a person is very rebellious, or simply angry, they tend to say weird things, pronounce hurtful words and make remarks that may seem to be incoherent at times, like a robot with a bug, a problem with its programming. By studying the words chosen, the associated gestures, etc., we can trace back to the source code that engendered the person’s momentary malfunction. To do so, we need to understand the programming code of our conscience, which – consciously or unconsciously – is based on Symbolic Language.

Studying the Symbolic Language of our conscience connects us with the origin and deepest memories of who we are and leads us into the most advanced science that exists, into a new era of the next stage in the evolution of human consciousness. More and more, Symbolic Language is set to become very important scientific knowledge and the fundamental basis of tomorrow’s Artificial Intelligence (AI).


Universe/City Mikaël (UCM) Teaching & Research Center is one of the most important centers in the world as regards research into Symbolic Language, and all of our works, books, and training courses offered in many countries are all related to the study of Symbolic Language.

If we observe a child’s first learning stages, we see that they are quite naturally founded on symbolic language, without the child even understanding. The child associates emotions with whatever he sees and perceives and hence codifies his environment so as to remember it, to love or fear, to know himself and to understand his spatial and physical environment, and eventually to make choices and experiment, hence accumulating multiple experiences that help him evolve. The older we become, this code becomes either more and more complex due to too many negative memories, or it becomes the most efficient, rational, multi-dimensional force in us. 

Using matter and the elements that compose it, the multi-dimensions of behaviors and events, Symbolic Language functions as much in concrete reality as in the world of dreams and signs. Absolutely everything that exists has been formatted first and foremost in symbolic form, just as all computer software is comprised of a programming code. Symbolic Language, which is a Source Code each of us has within and all around us, is directly related to the archetypal structure of our brain and sensory functioning. It is the very essence of a person as well as the usefulness of an object; it is the very nature of an idea, concept, word, sound, way of thinking and behaving; it is the key to understanding Life. 

the + & - CODE

What is fascinating is that symbols interconnect and form interactive networks and systems along the very same lines and principles as brain neurons. Symbols are the representation of values and mathematical principles, which can be represented either as a visual image or as a metaphor. For example, if you’ve been in conflict with your brother, this will result in information regarding disappointment, fear, feelings of ill-being related to your brother being recorded in your memory. Every time you see or hear from your brother, if you haven’t settled the situation, this memory will cause you to speak to or of him differently. If the problem grows, then eventually more memories will be recorded and gather to form a network that will engender anger with or fear of your brother, which will modify your words and behavior, not only with your brother, but also with everyone who resembles him, or all similar situations that remind you of him, either consciously or unconsciously. Our unconscious or our soul is quite simply a hard drive that records everything we experience and hence formats our personalities.

The more we study Symbolic Language and Emotional Intelligence (EQ), the more we realize that the dreams and signs we receive are not merely abstract, apparently unfounded pieces of information; we understand that they have been conceived in accordance with a completely logical, universal code, that exists in each and every one of us, which we can de-code and re-program by working consciously. Thanks to dreams and signs, which are a collection, an assemblage of symbols with very precise meaning, we can visit regions of our unconscious and understand in great depth that everything that exists on the outside, also exists on the inside, within ourselves, in the form of states of soul, mind and conscience. 

Dream LANGUAGE is pure mathematics

The Symbolic Language of dreams and signs is mathematical: it is composed of equations of conscience, which show us who we truly are in the deepest depths of our being, and what we need to experiment and experience in order to evolve. This advanced language leads us to discover that the symbols that constitute our dreams and signs define structural dynamics, which are as fundamentally logical as computer programming. Indeed, they represent aspects and parts of ourselves, energies and forces, atmospheres and ambiances, behavioral programs and patterns, and they help us understand the situations, encounters and events that constitute our Life Plan. Symbols are the very foundation and basis of the universal parameters and equations that Universal Conscience uses to elaborate and activate our learning programs. Knowing Symbolic Language enables us to recognize the Source Code that is inscribed in ourselves and in all that exists, hence opening the door to understanding the multiple manifestations of Life both in the outside world and within ourselves. 

Reference: Dictionary Dreams-Signs-Symbols, The Source Code, by Kaya, ISNB : 978-2-923654-25-6