Angelica Musica Volume 11 - The 72 Angels Collection

CD Album Duration Price
Angelica Musica Vol. 11 (CD)
1 hour 13 min
MP3 Album Duration Price
Angelica Musica Vol. 11 (MP3 Album)
1 hour 12 min
MP3 Track Duration Price
12. HAHAIAH - Refuge, meditation, interiorization
12 min 16 sec
11. LAUVIAH - Victory
11 min 56 sec
10. ALADIAH - Divine Grace that absolves and pardons all faults
12 min 12 sec
09. HAZIEL - Universal Love
12 min 4 sec
08. CAHETEL - Divine Blessing
12 min 13 sec
07. ACHAIAH - Patience
12 min 12 sec

instrumental music
Duration: (6 Angel's music of 12 min. each) app. 72 min.

This unique Angelica Musica Cd produced by Kaya and André Leclair is an essential tool for therapists and for those who wish to understand the inner work that can be done with Angels, Dreams and Signs therapy. 

André Leclair is a Canadian musician and composer of great talent. Through his musical genius, he succeeds in reflecting the Qualities of the Angelic Energies and in infusing our souls with celestial harmonies. This brilliant work, produced in cooperation with Kaya, represents a major work in the musician's life that took over 7 years to conceive, compose and produce. Inspired by the Essence of the Angelic Qualities, this music takes listeners to a higher state of consciousness and vibration, leading them to enter into contact with the Qualities of the Angelic Powers. The music favors dream recall, relaxation and the regeneration and opening of consciousness. On each CD, you will find six different Angelic Energies.

These CDs are as much for those beginning a meditation practice as for therapists to use as tools in their practice. Unique and original, this audio collection introduces the 72 States of Angelic Consciousness of the Traditional Study of Angels.

Each compact disc consists of 6 instrumental meditations on a specific Angelic Energy, each lasting app. 12 minutes, for a total of approx. 72 minutes of meditative relaxation per CD.

This unique Angelica Musica CD Collection of 12 CDs (6 different Angelic Energies per CD) is an essential tool for all those who wish to understand how Angelic Meditation and Mantra can help in our daily life. To understand more about this unique CD Collection, we recommend that you read the International Bestseller The Book of Angels, The Hidden Secrets, Dreams-Signs-Meditation by Kaya and Christiane Muller.

You can choose a CD or an MP3 audio extract in relation to a quality or a difficulty you are experiencing or you can choose in relation to one of your Guardian Angels in relation to your date of birth. To know your birth angels or those of your friends and family, click here.