Elevation of the Consciousness

Greeting cards 5 inches x 7 inches (12.7 cm x 17.78 cm)
Without text, with an envelope.


Each greeting card represents a reproduction of an original painting. What is most inspiring and unique in Gabriell’s work is that he brings out the multidimensional aspect in his landscapes and people, as well as their real, concrete dimension. This is precisely where the greatness and depth of this master painter lies. Each image created and reproduced on greeting cards is of special significance to each person. Those who look at these works of art find their own symbolic analysis and are personally touched to their very depths. Often, a greeting card will be framed or will serve to create a visual image of a feeling, a tale, a dream or a memory that will embrace people’s lives for a long time. The beauty of the light, colors and form express a message of love, compassion, cooperation, joy and friendship. Often, people consider these magnificent greeting cards as a divine gift. Gabriell is an artist who will mark his time by the depth and multidimension of his painting. These paintings reflect his internal journey and transport us into the heart of dreams, signs and symbols. His unique style is becoming more and more of an influence for new painters who are inspired by his work. His school of Canadian painting welcomes students from several countries worldwide.  

This collection of 65 greeting cards without text is printed on recycled paper in vegetable ink. Each card is the reproduction of an original painting; some are available to the public and others are part of the private collection, EXPOSITION ANGELICA. 



  • Gabriell