The Spiritual Diary of a Nine-Year-Old Child

Author: Kasara
ISBN: 978-2-923097-66-4
6" X 9" (15 cm x 23 cm)
184 pages


A unique and fascinating work about the spiritual powers of the new children. In her first book The Spiritual Diary of a Nine-Year-Old Child, Kasara offers us her own true spiritual experience with Angels, Dreams and Signs. This inspired work helps us better understand the new generation of children, called Indigo children, or children of Aquarius, or Star children. They are arriving on Earth and shaking up the way we perceive human existence. In the words of a child, this young Author leads us to Universal Knowledge and introduces us to a multidimensional view of life. This book, written by a child, is a gift of beautiful messages and teachings meant for all children on Earth, young and old. It is also a book that our inner child will want to read and read again.