The 72 Angels Cards

Authors: Kaya and Christiane Muller
ISBN: 978-2-923097-60-2
3.17” x 4.96” x 1.69”
74 cards + 33-page introductory booklet



Did you know that an Angel is not a little being with wings? In reality, an Angel is a State of Consciousness that represents Divine Qualities & Virtues in their original essence. Initiatic science has always used the metaphor of winged beings to express what happens within us, when these powerful Energies are reactivated in our consciousness: the light-heartedness, peace, freedom and love thus rediscovered give us wings.
With THE 72 ANGELS CARDS, you will discover The Traditional Study of Angels, which is the origin of Angels that comes from the Kabbalah and the Judeo-Christian tradition. This very ancient teaching defines 72 Angels that represent Divine Forces of the Universe that exist also within ourselves. By invoking the Angels through Angel Mantra, we raise our consciousness to a higher level of understanding and wisdom. We discover communication with the Universe via our dreams, signs & synchronicities in our life.

This box contains 74 cards and a booklet summarizing the initiatic work with the 72 Angelic States of Consciousness. The 72 ANGELS CARDS are complementary to the collection: The Book of Angels, Dreams-Signs-Meditation by Kaya and Christiane Muller.