Stuck in Insecurities: change your inner climate (audio international lecture)

Authors: Kaya and Christiane Muller
Audio lecture given by Christiane Muller
ISBN: 978-2-922467-26-0
2 CDs + 20-page booklet / 5.59’’ x 4.88’’
approx. 2hrs

CD Album Duration Price
Stuck in insecurities, change your inner climate (audio lecture)
2 hours
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Stuck in insecurities, change your inner climate (audio lecture)
2 hours

Experiencing Insecurities ? … Change your Inner Climate !

This International Lecture by Christiane Muller and Kaya has been given in more than 250 cities, in various countries and has inspired many people to understand that everything is symbolic and that every word, event, dream and sign contributes to our evolution. An unforgettable moment… 

Did you know that your financial, material and emotional insecurities are states of conscience, states of mind, that can be transformed into potential strength?

Did you know that in order to understand dreams and signs, you need to understand the symbolism of the 4 elements: Fire, Air, Water and Earth? In this International Lecture, you will learn that these elements exist within us in the form of states of consciousness and when a person talks about the climate, in reality he is not only talking about the weather outside but, simultaneously, he’s talking about his inner climate. You will also learn that an Angel is actually a symbol that represents our capacity to dream and gain access to our spiritual powers. Discover the Hidden Wisdom of The Traditional Study of Angels that comes from Antiquity and helps us to rediscover the origin of Angels and the Angelic Consciousness, thanks to the Knowledge applied in our everyday life experiences.