Signs & Symbols Interpretation

Did you know that: one sign, one move describe who you are ?

This course leads students to better understand the memories that are hidden behind daily situations, even the simplest ones. We learn that life and emotional intelligence can be interpreted like a dream; that there is no difference between the physical and metaphysical worlds. This very advanced Sign Introduction Program, called Signs & Symbols by Professor Kaya, provides accessible tools and knowledge to students of all ages. 

Understanding Symbolic Language gives students the key tool to interpret their life and the daily situations they experience. In this course students will learn that coincidences do not exist and that there is a reason for everything. Did you know that life can be interpreted like a dream ?

What will you learn through this course? 

  • The importance of signs
  • Coincidences do not exist
  • In every daily situation, there is a sign
  • Positive and negative daily situations reveal hidden aspects of ourselves
  • Everything is symbolic
  • We are a living computer
  • The understanding that the Law of Resonance is essential to live a happy life at all levels