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A magnificent starry sky

Contemplating the constellations of animals. Being a man in a burning room. And tipping a Jeep over a cliff.


Dream Interpretation

Dream #1 : A beautiful starry sky

Dream: I was contemplating a starry sky, late at night. It was beautiful... The constellations formed the signs of the zodiac, especially the signs related to animals... I thanked the heavens for allowing me to experience this moment. Inwardly, I had the notion that one could only see this by going late at night.

Share : Where we live, we are lucky to have beautiful starry skies... When this happens, Alexandre (my husband) and I take the time to observe them, to contemplate them... It is a wonder every time...

And we are always deeply grateful... For me, this dream encourages me to continue my efforts... I was touched by the fact that the animals were represented because I felt that they wanted to show me what they represented in their most beautiful qualities...

How, through the understanding and transcendence of the instincts, their archetypal force is an integral part of the universe. Also, I felt a deep Wisdom by the notion of having to go late at night to access this type of revelation...

It was not a late shift, but a late shift that invited me to go further into myself, to go deeper into my receptivity and into this strength of contemplation...

Dream #2: Controlled thinking

Dream: I am a in a burning room (I am a man in the dream), there is a bad man who is unconscious on the floor.

I crawl on the floor to escape the fire and want to hurry out before the man regains consciousness, as he has the ability to control my thoughts. Since he's hurt, he'll try to control me so I can get him out of there.

But I don't want to save him, because that would finally be the way to free myself from him.

As I reach the exit, he almost manages to take control of my thoughts but I find a hiding place under the building... which is now a Jeep on the edge of a precipice.

With my back, I manage to tip the Jeep with the man into the precipice. I feel a deep liberation...


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A magnificent starry sky

Contemplating the constellations of animals. Being a man in a burning room. And tipping a Jeep over a cliff.