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Dreams - Signs - Symbols

To another planet (English version)

I am floating in the air. I am in another world. They say I am crazy.

Dream #1 : Towards another planet

Off to another planet - Understanding your dreams - Kaya

Dream: In the dream, it was night, my eyes were closed, and things were exactly the same as when I fell asleep. I felt that I was slowly rising and floating in the air, my eyes were still closed. There was a problem with floating because of the position of my hands, but it was quickly resolved when I changed the position of my hands. I was a little scared. Then I started to spin. I remembered that a circular motion is essential for teleportation, so I understood that I was teleporting and I was no longer afraid (still in the sleeping position). I arrived in another world, it was morning. It was like the earth. I went to a bus station and got on a bus. There were many people. Suddenly, it started to rain. I saw that only a few people (what does that mean, if we see few people?) were still there.

I don't remember exactly what happened next, but after a long wait I got out of the bus and saw that I was in a train station and that the bus was actually just one car of a train, without an engine, etc. I was shocked when I saw this and saw that there were still people inside, unconscious. I was shocked when I saw this and saw that there were still people inside, unconscious. I went to a youth hostel and met people my age. There was a boy with very short hair. I was attracted to a girl. We were waiting for people I had met earlier in the day to arrive. I didn't know if I should stay or leave the hostel and then I left. I may have then left the planet. In the next scene, I was a child. I was in a house (it seemed in the dream that it was my house, but my house is quite different in concrete reality). Comment: In my childhood and before the angelic knowledge, I used to daydream and imagine too often that I was a superhero, etc. I used to think that I was a superhero, but I was not. I used to think that I might be crazy because I used to jump around in my dreams.

In the hall, my father and uncle were talking. I went to my room, closed the door and started daydreaming. Then I went back to the door and snuck out. I saw that my father was talking to my sister, Sophia, and he told her I was crazy. Scared, I quickly closed the door and went inside. I was with Sophia and we were going to a subway station. She took me somewhere in the station. In front of us was a big bathtub where the water was not very clear and there might have been fish in it. Above it was a pinkish net. She said it was used to trap old souls. I thought the fish-like animals might be Martians. I asked her, "where do aliens land?" (she had been there before). With enthusiasm, she took me to a place. There the floor was black, it was quite small, about the size of a table, and it was made of a sponge-like material.

Question: should we, when living in angelic consciousness, listen to songs that are not very angelic, like Justin Bieber, Coldplay, One Direction, etc.? And what does it mean, when some people are too extreme about these songs or people?


I am floating in the air. I am in another world. They say I am crazy.

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Theme: Dreams, Signs, Symbols
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To another planet (English version)

I am floating in the air. I am in another world. They say that I am [...]



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