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The weight of responsibility

President Zelensky hides in the sea. Eating the corner of a bed. And invisible colleagues.


Dream Interpretation

Dream #1: The weight of responsibility

Difficulties with responsibilities - Understanding your dreams - Kaya

Share: I am going through a difficult time and feel overwhelmed with responsibilities: I am alone to take care of my three teenagers, my family is far away and facing a danger of war, the price increase, etc. I feel more depressed and alone than ever. I feel more depressed and alone than ever. Before I went to sleep, I asked the Universe to help me connect/visit in my dream the soul of the person it has chosen for me in this life. I understand that I have to trust heaven, be patient, but I asked for some hope, some motivation to continue. I received a dream, but I can only remember parts of it.

Dream:  I dreamed about the president of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky. I saw crowds and President Zelensky was among the crowd. Simultaneously, I hear news from all over the world that he is now hiding in the sea somewhere, but not on a ship, or in an underwater bunker, but only with a mask on his face allowing him to breathe.

I think it's weird to announce something like that in the public media around the world, because now he can be easily found and killed. The Russians can track him down now.

I also think it's a good thing he decided to hide because at the beginning of the dream he was too exposed and too easy to kill and as a leader he needs to stay in a safe place to encourage his people.

Then I see myself in an unfamiliar room and I am cutting a piece of the corner of the bed on the left to eat maybe... It's weird and I don't feel good about it.

I don't know if it is made of something edible or if it is made of wood and I am eating it because I am starving. I just remember the feeling of sadness I felt after eating it

Dream #2: Sanctions

Dream: John and I brief various colleagues on all the recent changes in sanctions laws and the company's policy on self-sanctions. We then have to talk to three colleagues who are invisible to everyone else about sanctions.

These three people were neutral and generally receptive to the training John and I were giving. All I knew was that they were like special agents for the company. I could see all three of them, but John could only see two. He asked me where the third person was and I told him that she was right in front of us.

The third person's body (i.e., the one only I can see) disappears, but I can see his clothes, a blue shirt and gray pants (no tie) (as if we can't see the body, but we can see the clothes) when John arrives.

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The weight of responsibility

President Zelensky hides in the sea. Eating the corner of a bed. And invisible colleagues.