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The journey

Being in a bobsled in the mountains. Submitting to the police without grumbling. And helping a blue-eyed child become a guide.


Dream Interpretation

Dream #1: The journey

Share: My grandmother has difficulty breathing.

Dream: In my dream, I am on a journey and there are people with me who are also on the same journey. Everything is fine and I accept it. The trip starts with snowy mountains. I am in a bobsled with the others, and it goes very fast, we go up and down several times.

Once the mountains were over, we had to go to another station. I had several envelopes open in my hands, there was nothing in them and there was a phone number on them (the same one on each envelope) and that number meant that my adoptive mother (biological mother) had tried to contact me.

Share: Deep down, I know that in the past I have experienced abandonment and if I have, I know that I carry those memories. I think that today I feel that I have repaired that.

We come to the last point which is very special, everybody comes and there are people waiting for us and we have to submit, because the police come to arrest us. And everybody had to submit. So I submit without grumbling, I lie down on my stomach, and I tell myself that it's part of the course, but I had a dog at the time, and I tell myself that my dog doesn't have to submit.

And then a man comes along and tells me that I have to submit my dog too. Without reluctance, I submit my dog. Everyone had gone through this part, which was total submission, because everyone was on their stomach. Afterwards, the young man tells me that it's over, and he shows me a path to follow and that there is something waiting for me.

This time, I'm alone. I don't know what's ahead of me, but I know it's big. At this point, I become more aware. To reach this path, I pass through a door and at that moment, rabbits jump out and show me the way, telling me it's this way, and there were also red boilers guiding the way. I follow this path and at one point, I fall into a place, and I see in the distance a kitchen with a large table. It looked like a daycare, a common area, but there was no one there.

And then I see my grandmother waiting for me, a grandmother I don't know, she's very, very old and she's the one who organized this trip for me. And she wanted to meet me and I'm happy to see her too, because she's so happy to have organized this for me, so I hug her and I say, "Hi, how are you..."

She was very old and weak too, she had machines to help her breathe and to keep track of her heartbeat, and she was wearing a mask; she was sitting on the living room side. Before I met my grandmother, in my dream, there was talk of a large sum of money, as if a large sum of money was waiting for me.

Dream #2 : The guide

Dream: I had to be the master of a little child to help him evolve. I had agreed to be his teacher and I sat next to him. There was a blue sky screen and people working. I saw a man in a blue shirt. This little kid became a young man and his eyes became blue prisms, very lit up, like in the superhero movies. I thought, "Wow, we went out and this young man became a guide."

And then the energy of the dream changes and I become conscious, and I say to her, "Who are you? Because I want to know, I want to know more..." The guide had beautiful eyes, but no hair. He takes me by the right arm, we go up very high and I feel good, so good. I can't see because my eyes are closed. There is a warm wind and I give myself up.

Sharing: And when I woke up, I felt the physical limitation... and I wanted to go back to my dream.

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The journey

Being in a bobsled in the mountains. Submitting to the police without grumbling. And helping a blue-eyed child become a guide.