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The marriage proposal

An actress unhappy to get married. A gold-plated ring. And mass murders.


Dream Interpretation

Dream #1: The proposal

The proposal - Understanding your dreams - Kaya

Dream: Ty and I were outside in a dark deserted place on the grass. It was nighttime, I was watching a young man propose to a young woman on a projection screen. When he took the ring to propose, Ty also proposed to me at the same time.

He held up the platinum ring with gems, shook it slightly and said, "I've looked hard, but it's probably that ring again. It was the ring he had proposed to me with before, but I had not accepted.

In the film, the woman did not look happy. I was surprised that she said yes out of fear of losing the man. And I did the same thing, I accepted the ring from Ty.

The ring turned into gold with a crown shape and the letters LM engraved on it. I figured it was an abbreviation of my name. It was a little big for my finger. Ty put the ring on my middle finger. I later realized that this gold ring was striped, maybe it was just gold plated.

There were 3 men chasing me to kill me in an empty building. I went upstairs, shot each of them, one by one, with a long gun. I missed a few times, but I finally took them down. Huy approached me, and even at close range, I still missed.

When I was about to be defeated, he offered to go out with me and do things with me, I accepted and was spared. We went downstairs hand in hand. On the first floor, sitting in the glass room, are our two bosses. They saw us together.

Dream #2: Assassinations

Assassinations - Understanding your dreams - Kaya

Dream: I have witnessed repeated mass murders. After several of these killings, I realize that they are all directed at men. I don't know these people, but I am always present when they execute their murderous shots. These killings are not random, they are planned and then executed.

The last one I witness is very different, this time it is their turn to be killed. They are all in a tent-trailer that is going around in circles, they are all armed and ready to commit one of their massacres, but to their great surprise, they are the ones who are shot several times. I'm just a witness watching, I don't feel anything and I don't even make the effort to call the police.

I suddenly wake up to see an arm (for some reason, I know it's the right arm and I only see the arm and not the person) coming through my bedroom window with a gun pointed at me and Gogo (my toy monkey) is painfully trying to change the direction of that arm.

Share: Now I'm really waking up from my dream, feeling lost, scared, panicked, breathing heavily and sweating.

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The marriage proposal

An actress unhappy to get married. A gold-plated ring. And mass murders.