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Dreams - Signs - Symbols

The nightclub in India (English version)

Alcohol and men. Walking with the masters. And the rings of victory.

Dream #1 : The night club in India

Night club in India - Decode your dreams - Kaya

Share: Comments: I was wondering if we have the opportunity to ask someone what their pluses and minuses are (because, for example, the person is in the same training as we are), can we use that opportunity or does it mean something else?

That we don't really know the person and we shouldn't force the interpretation. An important thing too, since I started to work with new energies. Every night, in my dreams, I am myself but also other people, as if my consciousness was in the body of other people.

I can be in my body or in someone else's body in the dream and usually I don't know that person in reality but I know them well in the dreams.
Angelic blessings

Dream: I was in an unknown place abroad. I assumed (but only assumed) that it was India because it seemed to be an IRSS (Interpretation of Dreams, Signs and Symbols) seminar. I figured I couldn't party and stay up until morning because the seminar started tomorrow, but I went into the big room that looked like a club. There was a party with a dance floor.

There were many Indians. Some of them were from the IRSS but that was just an impression. No people I knew during the course. The only familiar person was Selena. She came up to me and told me that the Bacardi rum in the bar was not good.

I told her I had Baileys in my room but the subject didn't continue and I found myself in heeled sandals with socks that had a funny childish pattern. I was a little embarrassed and also unable to walk in them. I started to almost fall over and in the end I even crawled to a corner to sit down. I was upset that I wasn't getting enough attention from the men that night.

Suddenly, as I was sitting in this corner, one of the men in the class came up to me with his wife and asked me to dance. I refused. I told her I couldn't dance in those shoes and I thought it wouldn't be appropriate anyway, even though she was there like she was okay with it.

Next scene: I was walking home somewhere on the beach with another woman. I knew her well in my dreams but not in reality. She was eating a rolled sandwich. On our right in front of us, we saw Kaya, Christiane and a man. Unknown in reality but known in a dream. I told them I wished them a good evening, then immediately turned left to my companion and passed them. I felt an inferiority complex and the fear, the shyness of walking with masters.

Dream #2: The Copper Ring Contest

The copperring competition - Decode your dreams - Kaya

Dream: I was in a new house, it seemed. White walls. White floors. I was sitting on the balcony with my sister and my dad. He had a contest (I can't remember what for), he emptied a bag of office equipment on the floor and said that my sister and I had to find copper rings in this bag. And whoever finds the most will win.

We both started finding rings, but it seemed that I was faster and winning the game.

The next scene, my dad started counting what we had collected. My sister also collected black rubber bands (negativity, darkness) and asked my dad to count them too. That's when I woke up.


Alcohol and men. Walking with the masters. And the rings of victory.

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The nightclub in India (English version)

Alcohol and men. Walking with the masters. And the rings of victory. [...]



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